25 January 2006

outcasts, girls with ambition

PINK is the new has-been? I'm not talking about Trent, but Pink the musical "artist".

I posted earlier about Pink's music video for "Stupid Girls". The video takes easy jabs at Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Gwen Stefani(?), and Jessica Simpson. Her new album is titled I'm Not Dead...but after the rest of Hollywood's divas see her video, she might as well be. We hear that Mary-Kate is a real gangsta. Once she CUT someone (in line).

PINK- Stupid Girls
-(mpeg video)-(bad mp3 of song)-(mtv.com article about video)-

Consumer report by Tom Martin:

"BEST VIDEO EVER...You know, I think maybe someone might think that video is a little too obvious. like, making fun of paris hilton is old and whatever, but PINK IS AN AMAZING COMEDIC ACTRESS. Seriously, she really really really fucking works it. I LOVE PINK!"

On the positive note, Pink is encouraging young women to excel and amount to more than their pop-culture "role-models". On the other hand, she's mocking bulimia and negative body image...making it all a big joke by calling girls who go through it "stupid". She takes a positive message, but goes too far. The video is going to stir up controversy without a doubt. I'm curious to see how America's tween population will react to it when it debuts on TRL this Monday. Will Pink's message be Missundaztood?

On a random note, did anyone else know that Peaches was on Pink's last album??? Like, as in The Teaches of Peaches? Huh? What? Peaches also brings people together (old news, but still amazing).

Just like a pill,
Joe John

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Andrea said...

Yeah dude - "Oh My God" is the hottest lezzie sex song EVER.