19 January 2006

obligatory music post

Ok, so I found this at 3:34 AM on January 19th at Gorilla vs. Bear, and had to post it. I strongly encourage you to scroll down and read Katey's Project Runway re-cap though.

I have this tendency to occasionally ignore new music when browsing blogs...and then I saw that this song featured "the coolest 13-year old alive, Aysa from Smoosh." I immediately downloaded it, because...well, Smoosh is fantastic.

What I discovered is quite possibly the jam of my LIFE...or at least this year so far.

HEAD LIKE A KITE f/ ASYA of SMOOSH- Noisy At The Circus

They are off of the same record label as Smoosh, and this song is also available for download off of the website.

HEAD LIKE A KITE- Tell Mommy You Want a Sip of Beer

You can listen to two other songs on their website, listen to a fifth song on MySpace, and if you really like what you hear (I do)...pre-order their album.

On a self-promotional note, the Mirror Boiyz MySpace is currently under construction. Soon we will be posting songs, doing photoshoots, and maybe even a live show.

Also: I have some more band interviews that are coming up!

Maybe football, Maybe soccer,
Joe John

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