27 January 2006


As an economics major, I feel the need to inform you of recent, major changes in the entertainment biz world. Some of this has been posted, but not in with the details that you deserve!

1. Disney bought Pixar

Thank God. I've seriously felt dead inside ever since the announcement that "The Incredibles" would be the last Disney/Pixar flick. And as long as at least four of Pixar's seven-member creative team agree to stay with the company, this $7.4 billion acquisition will be smooth. But sadly there will be no "Toy Story 3".

2. UPN and the WB are becoming one

"America's Next Top Model", meet you new step-sister: "Gilmore Girls". Warner Brothers and CBS are teaming up to merge their two, underperforming networks. Look for an "A Line Up Change Has Occured" TiVo message sometime this fall, as CW ("C" for CBS, "W" for WB...creative) will be added. This news actually makes me slightly nervous. What'll be axed?! I don't know if I'll be able to go on without "Girlfriends"! Luckily, they're shooting for the 18-34 age group, so we should be ok.

Wanna be on top,

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mell said...

Okay, so South of Nowhere is now on itunes music/video store. It's only a matter of time until we can get our Degrassi fix whenever we want. Have a friend with a "social disease" that needs a fictional character to relate to? Is one of your buddies talking about using a "Magnum" condom when you know his junk won't fill it out? Do you need to blackmail a wannabe actress and need a few tips? Just $1.99 and you can impose your morals on anyone and everyone via excellent television!

PS: I really hope you understand all those references, or you need to play some serious catch-up