28 January 2006

a little mid-week project runway to keep you going

In case you haven't been reading Santino's blog, his experiment to open the blog to unscreened comments yieled some interesting results. I mean, you have the usual love-hate relationships with the man himself, but also, I swear to God, Daniel V. and Andrae erotic fan fiction. Some choice excerpts:

"Daniel picks up his beer. The cool glass against his palm reminds him briefly of the press of a metal chain against his hand in the playground, and he decides to ignore it."

"But they're both sitting right next to one another in one of the booths watching Chloe and Nick goof off on the dance floor, Daniel's thigh pressed against Andrae's knee, Andrae's shoulder against Daniel's arm, and Daniel's only taken aback a little when he feels the weight of Andrae's head leaning on his shoulder."

"Later on, when he's pressing Andrae against a wall in the bathroom and kissing him while Andrae's hands fumble with his belt, Daniel thinks, Oh, I am really going to regret this in the morning, aren't I?"

Click here for the full, glorious text (scroll down til you hit a huge block of text)

Dear, brave Anonymous, I believe you may have pioneereed a new literary genre: erotic fan fiction about real people. If someone starts writing anything to do with Donald Trump, though, I am so out.

LinkI'll never be able to look at this with innocent eyes again.

And an update: In case you can't get enough of this, there is a whole Livejournal community for Project Runway fan fiction. Oh Jesus.

Embarassed by proxy,


mell said...


Mac said...

Ah, sorry to pop your RPS cherry, but erotic fan fiction about real people is a very real and flourishing thing. LoTR actors, members of boy-bands, Jon Stewart in one memorable instance, etc.

lauren said...

Actually, uh, Real Person Fanfiction is not "new" at all.


Adi said...

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