12 January 2006

it's supposed to come off, that's what i think

Thanks to a commenter on the last post, we learned that Santino Rice actually did see the future ...because Banana Republic has stolen his idea.

While it's not entirely the same thing as the Santino Rice and Nick Verreos mash-up design...you can't help but think they stole his artistic vision...

"Part of our new limited-edition, Asian-inspired collection. Rich midnight satin drapes elegantly from an inset obi waistband in a dramatic kimono dress with more than a hint of mystery."
more here

Seriously though, they didn't even discreetly choose a different color of fabric. It's essentially what they wish Santino and Nick's design looked like.
Finally, farewell to my favorite designer (from the very beginning), "Dirty" Diana Eng...You will be missed! If you are also as sad as I am to see her go, check out her blog. I dorkily commented and asked if she'd do an online interview. Cross your fingers folks!

Shake your bon bon,
Joe John

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Katey said...

Holy crap! I really never expected them to go Asian, especially make someone wear that damn kimono. It definitely looks better than their design, though. Poor Santino. I actually feel sorry for him for the first time ever.