27 January 2006

it's about to be a...geekfight

It's about to be an EDIT.

I recently posted some info about a spoiler for X-Men 3, stating that the comic book geeks are going to be quite angry about the movie but...

A "Hollywood insider" who "did not" (wink wink) see the script has notified me that there are several inaccuracies in the spoiler you will find below. For example, Colossus is not bisexual in the movie. Though it's still kind of hot to think about Daniel Cudmore and Hugh Jackman going at it Brokeback style. Sucks for X-3...they lost all chances for a Golden Globe.

I still get boners when I think about the Wolverine/Lady Deathstrike fight in X-2.

Read more about two characters who shouldn't die and other stuff that probably won't happen.

As if anything will really be spoiled. It's all about the special effects.

Adamantium skeletons,
Joe John

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Anonymous said...

We never finished our talk in monkey class. It's NOT just about the SFX! Also, I really don't trust that character rundown on canmag. It's so badly written that it strikes me as being by a random fan. And some of the stuff, especially the bigger spoilers (particularly one death), just really makes no sense.