30 January 2006

i heart diana eng

No, we haven't interviewed Diana Eng of Project Runway...yet. But thanks to Tom, I was able to track down the January 24th article about her on news.com.com.

Diana herself was excited about the article, stating on her blog...

"I am featured on CNET. And for a few fleeting hours I was on the homepage of news.com.com. You bet I PRINT-SCREENed it, printed out a hard copy, and will keep it in my scrapbook forever and ever and ever."

The article features some amazing quotes...

"...a cordless butane smoldering iron that Eng's been known to tote around in her backpack. 'It's easy because you can carry it around in your purse' she said..."

"I'm not sure gadget creators are aware of girls' needs," she said. "I think they're trying to be, but their solution seems to be just making things pink. There's the pink Razr and the pink iPod...that doesn't necessarily make it more girl-friendly."

...and one of Diana's beautiful sketches.


I have read every post of Diana's blog. It's seriously that entertaining. Here are some of the best passages ever.

"I was just dancing around like everyone else, when the DJ on the microphone said something like 'there are some really hot girls dancing out there tonight, especially that asian connection in the corner.' I looked around to see who he was talking about and discovered that the only asian person there was me. Gee, being a minority is so swanky cool. Anyways, mr. politically correct DJ kept talking to me on the mic, then followed me out when I left the club. I've decided that being asain is like having really big breasts. It attracts guys, but for all the wrong reasons. Being asain with really big breasts must suck."

"I spent last month dating Mr. OCD. While he was an immediate winner because of his sexy glasses, I was also keen on him because he has medically diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. Visiting his apartment is all sorts of awesome, because everything is lined up and evenly spaced. Even the dirty forks and spoons in his sink are rinsed off and in a nice neat row. It's the designer's dream, like real life minimalism. I conducted little experiments all the time, by moving things in his house ever so slightly to see if he moved them back. I don't think he enjoyed that much, and we broke up. So the moral of the story is, even if it's for scientific reasons, I probably shouldn't do mini-experiments on people I am dating."

But where is she now?

Going along with her dream of getting girls into gadgets, Diana has been co-starring on iHeartSwitch, an online show that teaches young girls how to make cute and useful gadgets. In the first episode, Diana and her co-host create a picture frame that can be used to record voice messages with a small i-Pod like case made out of a dental floss container. In the next episode, they will be showing how to rig a purse so it blinks when your cell-phone is ringing. Switchit.tv joins a list of sites that encourage girls to get into technology including Chip Click, Shiny Shiny, and the Techie Diva's Guide to Gadgets. You can call me a techie diva, because I think that site is hella interesting even for boys. I mean, a 39 mega-pixel camera! Nipple warmers! REAL Invisibility Cloaks! That's the shit that I dream of....especially since my nipples are constantly freezing.

Diana is also working as a freelance designer, preparing for seamless- computational couture, "a fashion event featuring innovative and experimental works in computational apparel design, interactive clothing, and technology-based fashion."

This piece of work will be at the show on February 1st.
I know what you're thinking-- "It's just a plain ol' hoodie!" But you're smarter than that...you know Diana's ways. You see the wires. What are those about? Upon further investigation of the seamless website, you learn...

Heartbeat Hoodie- diana eng

Heartbeat Hoodie explores the idea of involuntarily documenting parts of life using a camera to take photographs at moments of interest or excitement. The camera, strategically placed above the eyes on the hoodie, takes photographs as the wearer's heart rate increases. The camera is wired discreetly through the seeming of the garment to a basic stamp that communicates with a wireless heart rate monitor. The basic stamp uses an algorithm to analyze the heartbeat for increases that might signify a moment of excitement or interest as opposed to physical exercise. At the end of the day, you can reflect on moments that caused interest and excitement by viewing the photographs. Since the photographs are taken involuntarily, you may find new points of interest that you were not conscious of.

Yes. It's your own personal photo-blog...all installed within your hoodie. Diana also has a second piece in the show...

mathematical knits-diana eng

A collection of three knit pieces that use number patterns to dictate how their decorative structures are knit (using holding and lace techniques). Pleasing aesthetics are commonly based on mathematical proportions. The proportions relate to number patterns. This collection was designed to investigate if number patterns can be used to create design elements.


Upon further investigation and research, I found this old photograph on Diana's website from fall 2002...

This is made out of balloons and staples.Image hosting by Photobucket

What I conclude from seeing this is that Diana would have rocked the runway if she had been given the first challenge of season one. Personally, I think she could have been a contender against dear ol' Austin Scarlett's corn-husk and um..."duck tape"(?) dress.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yeah, I went there Austin.

In conclusion, I think Diana Eng is amazing and I deserve an A+ or a gold star for my well researched paper...or I at least deserve my own cordless butane smoldering iron.

Image hosting by Photobucket


Gettin Geeky Wit' It,
Joe John


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