24 January 2006

going postal

Gosh, that new Apple/Intel ad looks so familiar. It's as if I've seen it before. Hmm...oh, wait! I have. It's exactly the same as The Postal Service's "Such Great Heights" video. Ben Gibbard of the band recently posted a note on their website describing his disappointment with the "commercialization" of their song. Supposedly both the video and the ad were directed by the same dude. I guess that's why it's "shot-for-shot" identical. Don't believe me or Ben? Check it out.

Maybe if we cover our eyes, no one will notice they're the same!

Ironically, iTunes has just added the "Such Great Heights" video.

Come down now,


mell said...

I don't know, man. I mean, do they look similar? Yes. But one is in space and one is (in a mac? or something?) Frankly, both of them remind me of those Cisco Systems commercials with the technicians in the white hallways and some dude is like "where's the security?" and the other dude is like "that little light there". I feel like computery technology commercials are very white-room-clean-suits-crazy-ass-hallways ish. I guess I'd be pissed too, but if I were to rip off a commercial, I'd do that Jif one where the little girl wants to be just like her Dad. It's so cute, it made me cry once. And by once I mean this afternoon and everyone laughed at me.

Joe John said...

Best consumer report ever....

The postal service is the worst band ever. Especially if you are a guy. If u r a guy and like this crap band then you are insane. These guys don't even play instruments. I know i dont wanna listen to some syntesiser for 5 minutes while some high picthed guy sings about the stale taste of recycled air.

essie Lash said...

the best part is that 12 people found that comment helpful.