20 January 2006

forgive me, it's another proj. run. post

This is something I noticed before doing the last recap but forgot to post, but I want discussion on this.

I have said multiple times that Santino will suffer Austin Scarlett's fate, which is be eliminated for not listening to the demands of the customer and making something too "couture." Then, during the preview for next week's episode, it showed Santino working on a dress eerily similar to Austin's Grammy dress that wound up getting him eliminated last season. Check it out:

The designs are fairly different, but the color scheme and general look (especially all that bunching at the top) are identical. Might history repeat itself? Will Kara really outlast Santino? So many mysteries!

I'm starting to feel like one of those Lost fans who reads meaning into every book that shows up on the screen.

Cockroach of couture,


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Laura K said...

You and me both, Katey.

I remarked on another board that the blue gingham number reminded me of Dorothy - but seeing it in a screencap makes it easy to recognize that you are totally right. Austin. I think Santino WANTS to get cut. What else explains his behavior?