21 January 2006

damned joel

MTV News reports that we may soon be seeing more of Good Charlotte's Joel Madden. On the silver screen. Madden is set to act in "Valley of the Damned", which sounds like just another Lifetime sob story about some strong woman and her younger brother. In regards to his horsy-belle Hilary Duff, he speculates that "she'll probably help coach me along." Madden has obviously never seen "A Cinderella Story".

So punk-rock it hurts

"'I'm not the centerpiece of the film,' he said, looking relieved. 'The role I play has an important part in the film, but the main character is a girl. We don't have her yet. I'm kind of a strong supporting role.'" A girl you say? Aren't you dating an "actress"? Come on, Joel, grow some balls and get your bitch in on dis shiz.



mell said...

beeyotch, are you really going to be dissin' Hilz right when I'm trying to write something complimentary about your blogging prowess? You make me SICK--sicker than Lizzie McGuire's fake flu in "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" or Terri's dead big brother in "Raise Your Voice" or that ugly Bizarro Miranda in "The Perfect Man"

mell said...

ps: wouldn't it be awesome if instead of "Valley of the Damned" he was in "Valley of the Dolls"? And he played that suave entertainment lawyer that is allergic to monogamy, even after he woos that model for 3/4 of the book and then marries her and then has a baby with her and then they have a celebratory party and he screws another girl in the next room? And Hilary played that annoying girl who sang at the telethon but then got fat and went to rehab and then got out of rehab and went on tour and lost weight but became a raging bitch? Maybe they could even bring in Lindsay Lohan to play the chick who is only successful because she has nice tits and then she gets breast cancer? Yeah...that'd be cool...and I'm probably never allowed to comment again

notjesslane said...

ps - i am going to pretend that i dont care that you mentioned joel madden without mentioning the first episode of teen homicide.