20 January 2006

consumer reports: aqua

I thought I'd do this album next considering it was my first CD:

Aqua's "Aquarium"

Awesome for everyone (5 stars)
"Eventhough I am a straight guy I can still jam out to these tunes even today. These songs shall never get old. Not even when I am eighty."

Im Not Reall A Fan, But ' Barbie Girl ' Totalee Got... (5 stars)
"Hey, I'm Not Really A Fan Of Aqua, But Their Song ' Barbie Girl ' Totalee Got To Me! ' Barbie Girl ' Isn't Really The Hottest Inanamate Object LOL But The SONG ' Barbie Girl ' Is The Best! Idk How it Got Me Into Aqua But It Did... I Luv Aqua Now!!!

I Hope They Make A NEW Album Cause I Know I'll Luv It!!!!

Always, GreenDayLuver!"

Awesome (5 stars)
"u all that gave it 4 stars or less, id recomend going 2 a doctor ...........Caz this CD is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

AQUA IS SO BAD!!!!(1 star)
"This album is AWFUL!!!! In Barbie Girl, Ken has an extremely low voice. How stupid. Barbie has a high, baby voice. I made a huge mistake in buying this."

Undress me anywhere,


Joe John said...

AMAZING! I almost wish that you only posted reviews that gave it "5 stars". However, when I read what the one that gave it 1 star said, I totally LOL'd.

Anonymous said...

I love that the 1-star giver complains that while the male character has a low voice, the female has a high voice. Man, he must hate opera.