06 January 2006


Annie Proulx, the author of "Brokeback Mountain," speaks about her experience seeing the movie:

Put yourself in my place, she says, An elderly, white, straight female, trying to write about two 19-year-old gay kids in 1963. What kind of imaginative leap do you think was necessary? Profound, extreme, large. To get into those guys' heads and actions took a lot of 16-hour days, and never thinking about anything else and living a zombie life. That's what I had to do. I really needed an exorcist to get rid of those characters. And they roared back when I saw the film.

She also discusses the history of "Brokeback," which all started when she met a cowboy who she found to be kinda gay. Way to make assumptions, Annie. Sheesh.

In related news, Jake's dog and my teddy bear have the same name. I'm just saying.

I wish I knew how to quit you,

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