31 January 2006

Bad News and Good News

First, bad news:

Teen Homicide has gone the way of Channel 101/102 greats Laser Fart and Shutterbugs. They may have been beaten by a shitty second episode of "The Block," but they aren't friends with Gemberling or anything. The fourth episode, featuring Victor stabbing footballs in a penguin suit (plus all the other shows), is up at Channel 102.

brought so much happiness to so many

Now, good news:

The most exciting admissions event since I heard Haley Joel's post-puberty voice in person: the brother of a celebrity (who will remain unnamed for the sake of my job) has officially applied for a spot in Wesleyan's class of 2010. Dean buzz says the app is totally mediocre, but features an essay that accuses the media of ruining the lives of young stars. And he would know. I guess he's just tired of rumors startin. Eliza Ford, put your game face on.

Why won't you back up off me,


Joe John said...

I AM SO CONFUSED!?! Can this admissions thing please be a perpetual blind item? Or can you just tell me?

Joe John said...

Also, Teen Homicide done got robbed. I mean, come on...PUPPET RAPIST?

I'm a huge loser for commenting twice.

Justin said...

I'm so t.o.ed! That was the best episode yet. UCB is lame.com.

notjesslane said...

hahaha, i can totally tell who the celebrity sibling is! I WIN! you are not subtle either. so perfect.