31 January 2006

totes an interview: nick verreos

If you don't recognize Nick Verreos by now, you're clearly not reading this blog enough. As one of six remaining designers on this season of Project Runway, Nick has brought unique style and sass to a show that has more than its fair share of memorable characters. Coming to the show from L.A., he and his partner David Paul run the fashion line Nikolaki, which specializes in the same elegant, sleek design we've come to expect from Nick each week on Project Runway. It's also worth noting that Nick may be the most gracious celebrity on earth-- in nearly every interview, and even on his blog, he's sure to thank his fans for "their kind words and emails of support." And all you have to do is hop over to Blogging Project Runway or anywhere else to see he's got plenty of them. I asked Nick a few questions about his beginnings in fashion, the boys of 35D, and most importantly, exactly how you spell "whickety-whack."

Katey: You had starlets wearing your dresses and mentions in major magazines well before Project Runway. What made you decide to drop everything and do the show?

I established my line over four years ago, and I have been a struggling designer ever since. You can't do anything without LOTS of money and backing, so it's very difficult. But I have been lucky to have actresses and singers such as Ali Landry, Patricia Arquette, Eva Longoria and Nikka Costa wear my dresses in the past, which makes for a nice "press package," but doesn't add cash into my business account. My participation in Project Runway was done as a result of a dare from friends. I took their dare and to my surprise, I became one of the 16 finalists. I thought that it would be a great way to showcase an LA designer and to try to trampoline my career to another level--and to show in NY!

Katey: Did you watch season one of Project Runway? Did you feel any pressure to be like one of the previous contestants, or were you expecting someone to be a “new Kara Saun” or “new Jay”?

Nick: I did watch the first season. I didn't feel any pressure to be a "character." I just went in thinking I would be myself, not realizing how, at times, I would be the "go to guy" for one liners! In the beginning , we did sort of wonder if Marla, for example was "the Wendy" and Zulema was "the Kara Saun"; but how wrong were we!

Katey: How were your expectations for the show met, and how were you surprised by how it went?

Nick: First, I am surprised that we actually had to sew everything ourselves. Honestly I was under the impression that there was a secret behind-the-scenes room of seamstresses that sewed for us. It just seemed so unreal that we could put together a full gown, for example, in such a short amount of time(without SOME help), I quickly realized this was not the case and just said to myself "Oh well, I can do this!" Don't get me wrong, I sew and am quite good (one of the classes I teach deals with 3 hours of sewing!), but working designers do not sew. Not because they can't or think it is below them, but mainly just because it is impossible to do both and run a business. Believe me, I'm sure Michael Kors hasn't sat down at a sewing machine in years!

My expectations of the show were, first and foremost, that it was a show based on talent: "Can you create a dress in a short amount of time? If you can't, then you're OUT!" The best is judged and consequently the worst is out, in other words. However, what I did not expect, I think out of naivete, was that crucial "reality show" ingredient.

Katey: Your designs seem to be based around simpler concepts, like use of fabric and styles of draping, unlike a costume design background or a more high-fashion focus. Do you think this helped you in the challenges, with adapting your style to each challenge’s individual demands?

Nick: Exactly. I could not have said it better. My design sensibility is simple , elegant yet sexy; while exemplifying my knowledge of draping. I tried, with each challenge to add my "Nick sensibility" so the audience and the judges would know that it was one of my designs right away. Established designers take years to cultivate their own "stamp" which makes the person know that the garment is a "Narciso Rodriguez" or a "Balenciaga" for example, so I am still trying to cultivate my "Nick Verreos" stamp.

But simplicity cannot be confused with easy. It is much, much harder to drape a beautiful column dress, than masquerade an easily constructed garment with some whickety whack trim. And sometimes the latter can initially be viewed as complicated and more advanced than the former.

Katey: With you in fashion design and your sister Miss Venezuela, were your parents at all involved in fashion or modeling? What has been their influence been on your career?

Nick: My parents were not involved with fashion or modeling. My dad was a career foreign service officer . My mother was a housewife as well as worked in Hotel Management for Hilton Hotels. However they always supported us in whatever endeavor my sister and I wanted to pursue. In fact, my dad became rather emotional(in a good way) when I told him that I wanted to go to Fashion Design School after graduating from UCLA. He told me that he wished he would have had the opportunity to attend Art School when it was time for him to go to College, but that was not an option at that time for the son of a Greek immigrant.

Katey: You said in your audition tape that your sister is your muse. What else inspires you in your design?

Music, Roman and Greek sculptures, art, such as those fabulous Goya and John Singer Sargeant paintings of elegant women in imposing gowns inspire me. I am also influenced by what people wear in Metropolitan cities such as Paris, London, New York and Tokyo. Finally, I love all those gaudy Bollywood movies for their amazing use of color!

Katey: Reading all the commentary and discussion about the show, have you
developed a thick skin about criticism? How do you deal with people like me, with absolutely no background in fashion, who pass judgment on your designs?

Nick: You have to develop a thick skin for the criticism. I have said before that I am very passionate and emotional about what I design so I cannot lie and say that it does not affect me, but I have developed a thick skin for criticisms. Also I've stopped reading those blogs that are out there. I know there are some creative and good ones, but I decided enough was enough. Plus, I don't have any time right now. Designers such as Valentino , Karl Lagerfeld, and so on get criticized all the time, and they just go on creating. Clothing design is such a personal and individual thing, some people are going to love your designs and other people will hate the same designs. Criticism comes with the territory.

Katey: When you said “this ain’t my first time at the rodeo,” I just about fell out of my chair. Where do all these pop culture references come from? Did you try to play up your personality for the cameras or is this the everyday Nick? And most importantly, how do you spell “whiggidy-whack”? No one seems to know.

Nick: Just ask any of my friends and they will tell you: "The Nick you see on TV is the Nick we have known for years!" I am a sponge to pop culture, 80's TV shows , movies and sayings that people use. And obviously all this affects me when I want to talk about something or someone. Frankly, I really don't know how I come up with some of those crazy sayings!

In regard to "whickety whack"--that's what I think is the correct spelling. It's something I came up with to describe something that is both tacky and "whack"(slang for 'crazy'). For example: Tacky trim is "whickety whack", or those over-the-top Quinciniera (Sweet Fifteen) dresses some girls wear are definitely "whickety whack".

Katey: You mentioned in another interview that you and Kara were close, but we see so little of that on the show. What else aren’t we seeing?

Nick: I really bonded with Kara instantly. The fact that I have had an international background always draws me to people who are not from the U.S. And Kara is from South Africa as you know. Her accent and the way she spoke just slayed me sometimes because she seemed to be cast out of a Jane Austen movie, she's very "Period" in her speech. In addition, early on , she would constantly be asking me for my opinion on her designs/creations. Therefore I was humbled that she respected my opinion even though she barely knew me.

Katey: Do you watch any other reality TV?

Nick: I do, but not many. I loved the early seasons of "Real World," but then it got old and now I cannot stand watching these inane kids get drunk, have sex, complain about why one cast member won't have sex with them and so on and so on. I can feel my brain cells slowly departing my head! I do love "America's Next Top Model" and "Amazing Race."

Katey: How has it been watching this season? Do you watch the show every week? What do your friends and family think of how you appear on the show?

Nick: It is really weird. Along with the rest of America, I am also watching the episodes for the very first time. I remember what occurred but I have no idea how it will all be edited. I sort of just sit back with my very close friends every week and watch , with one hand half-covering my face, as in "Oh Lord, what are they going to show next?" My friends and family , as I stated above, love the show and see no difference between the Nick on the show and the Nick they know. It is especially cute to know my nephew and niece watch the show as well. My sister will call me to describe how emotional and involved they get. When I won the Barbie challenge, for example, and actually mentioned my 5 year old niece on TV, well, that just catapulted me into "Favorite Uncle Forever" status. Finally my students also think it is rather exciting (and cool) to see their Instructor on TV.

Katey: Do you think that we get a fair idea of who you really are from watching the show? Were there things edited out that you were disappointed not to see on the show?

Nick: I feel the editing has been fair, at least to me. The show portrays me as I am, although for the sake of TV drama, they take an emotion and exploit it to a whole other level. The most unusual people stop me on the street, at airports, restaurants--people who you would not expect to be watching the show--accountants, housewives, musicians--and they all say the same thing to me: how emotional they feel for me, how they love my designs, and so on. The viewing audience is intelligent and I think they can tell I am "real"and somehow I bring out this uncensored emotional feeling in people when they see me.

Katey: Which was your favorite challenge so far? Other than the Barbie dress, which garment are you most proud of?

Nick: I am really proud of the first challenge outfit I created: Bias-pleated muslin jacket and backless gown. The Nicky Hilton Aqua-blue silk dress I made I am also particularly proud of. These two, along with the Barbie one, really reflect who I am as a designer.

Katey: So, Sasha Cohen? I’ve never seen anyone so excited about figure skating. Did you have to keep it a secret that you’d met her before the show aired? How did she react to you being such a fan?

Nick: OK, here we go: my partner , David, has been a rabid Figure Skating fan for over 15 years. Along with his group of friends, they go to all the Nationals, watch all the events on TV, etc. I have felt like the "Football Wife" when him and his friends come over and watch all the Figure Skating competitions. I would just sit back and mock them and belittle their "silly obsession." Cut to the challenge and I realize that we are to design a costume for one of the top Figure Skaters in the US and the World, Sasha Cohen. Well, as you saw, I just about died! All I kept thinking about was David and his friends and what they would say when they found out that this was one of my challenges. It's called Karma, I guess. I kept it a secret until the show aired and after it was over I handed them the autographs I had received for them from Sasha! They loved it. Sasha was classy and an ultimate professional, and responded kindly to my obvious excitement upon meeting her.

Katey: I keep seeing pictures of you and the other designers hanging out. Are you all still part of each others’ lives, professionally if nothing else? Who are you in close contact with?

Nick: Whenever I go back to NY, I hang out with Daniel Vosovic as well as Emmett McCarthy. Here in Los Angeles, I have kept in touch with Raymundo Baltazar and John Wade. When we go out together or individually , it's like a scene from "Mean Girls." We have a lot of fun. It only gets "hazy" because we will get recognized sometimes and then it can look like we were having a "Project Runway Reunion" or that we just want to go out together so people will recognize us, which is so NOT the idea. They are just great guys to hang out with: witty , funny and fashionable!

Katey: Tim Gunn-- we all love him over here. Can you give us any exclusive info?

Nick: I have to second that. First and foremost, as a fellow Instructor and contestant on the show, I truly respect and value his opinions and thoughts.

Exclusive info? He is hilarious!! Tim has a great sense of humor as you can see in the episodes where he catches Santino doing his impression of Tim. He loved it. He also, as you can imagine, has impeccable taste for the arts, collecting art, and so on.

Katey: The show makes it seem that you and the other residents of 35D are pretty close. Did competitive tension get in the way at all?

Nick: At first , we were like "Fraternity Brothers": in fact we dubbed ourselves "The Boys of 35D", we likened ourselves to an early 90's boy band(Santino was, of course, the lead singer!) As the challenges went on, the competitive tension became more apparent, but I think that, at least for me , I wanted us to remain in the show as long as possible, above any of the other designers.

Katey: What is going on with Nikolaki these days? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Nick: Along with my design partner, David Paul, I am continuing with my line NIKOLAKI, which I have shown in Los Angeles Fashion Week for several seasons now, and we are busy getting orders out to several boutiques here in Los Angeles, such as "Dove" on Robertson and "Sirens & Sailors" in Silver Lake (which occured before the show even aired). I have also been busy designing gowns for several actresses for upcoming Red Carpet events. So expect to see a lot of Nick Verreos and Nikolaki. I would like to take a slow, yet steady path of growth for Nikolaki.

Katey: What’s the most important thing you’ve taken out of your participation on the show?

Nick: Hopefully, it has taken my name and my designs outside of the Southern California microscope of fashion to a wider U.S. audience. I am not just an "LA Designer," I want to be known as an "American Designer." Before, some clients were apt to question paying $1500 for a gown, for example, now I don't have to argue it. Besides this, the most important thing I took away from doing Project Runway is that I had a BLAST! I always used to joke to my friends that when God was giving out "Good Luck Tickets", I must have been in the bathroom or at the bar ordering a drink! When I got chosen to do this show, I finally felt that God gave me that "Good Luck Ticket"(and I am not even that religious!)

Katey: Finally, what are you into these days in terms of music, movies, etc.
Any recommendations?

Nick: I am really into the new Jamiroquai "Dynamite," as well as Natasha Bedingfield, Sia, Royksopp , and Bebel Gilberto and any of the Hed Kandi compilations from the UK. I have to have music when I drape and do my patterns. In terms of movies, I haven't had much time to see any new films, I recently rented "Cinderella Man," which I loved, and of course I did see "Brokeback Mountain," which I liked as well--Cowboy Boots, Western Shirts, and oversized Belt Buckles: I am so all over that!


In case that wasn't enough Nick for you, here are some links to keep you satisfied:

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Anything but whickety-whack,

Bad News and Good News

First, bad news:

Teen Homicide has gone the way of Channel 101/102 greats Laser Fart and Shutterbugs. They may have been beaten by a shitty second episode of "The Block," but they aren't friends with Gemberling or anything. The fourth episode, featuring Victor stabbing footballs in a penguin suit (plus all the other shows), is up at Channel 102.

brought so much happiness to so many

Now, good news:

The most exciting admissions event since I heard Haley Joel's post-puberty voice in person: the brother of a celebrity (who will remain unnamed for the sake of my job) has officially applied for a spot in Wesleyan's class of 2010. Dean buzz says the app is totally mediocre, but features an essay that accuses the media of ruining the lives of young stars. And he would know. I guess he's just tired of rumors startin. Eliza Ford, put your game face on.

Why won't you back up off me,

consumer reports: oscar edition

This morning Hollywood participated in one of its most time-honored traditions: waking all the Angelenos up at 5:30 a.m. so they can announce Oscar nominees in time for East Coast morning shows. Joke's on you, suckers-- serves you right for living on the wrong coast.

A very sleepy and very blond-looking Mira Sorvino, along with some old guy, announced this years nominees. Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like you to get used to the follow choice phrases:

Oscar nominee MATT DILLON
Two-time Oscar nominee CHARLIZE THERON
Best Director Oscar nominee GEORGE CLOONEY

(Find a full list nominees here )

What a pool of distinguished names we have there! Seriously, aside from the fact that all of these people did respectable work this year, I think there has rarely been a crop of Oscar nominees with such a string of horrendous movies behind them. Need we remind you? No. But we will anyway. Remember these gems?

I still haven't forgiven Best Actress Nominee Reese Witherspoon for the money I wasted on the sequel no one asked for.

Yes, Herbie: Fully Loaded features another supporting role from Best Supporting Actor Nominee Matt Dillon. And this came out after Crash, so no fair claiming you've learned from your mistakes.

Aeon Flux was also eligible for nomination, but I guess Best Actress Nominee Charlize Theron managed to get the Academy to forget that.

No, I didn't see S1m0ne either, but it does feature yet another supporting role from Best Supporting Actress Nominee Catherine Keener.

Best Actress Nominee Keira Knightley's name was Domino Harvey, thanks to the worst movie tagline in history.

Yes, that's Best Supporting Actress Nominee Michelle Williams glaring at you. She has other, more obvious sins to atone for, but no fair judging TV.

Ladder 49 came out after Best Actor Nominee Joaquin Phoenix was nominated for Gladiator, so really, there's no excuse.

I have all the love in the world for Best Supporting Actor Nominee Jake Gyllenhaal, but sitting through The Day After Tomorrow made me want him to freeze to death just so I could leave the theater.

Even Best Director, Supporting Actor, and Screenplay Nominee George Clooney has done us wrong. Spy Kids 3D? Why, George, why?

But Best Actor Nominee Terence Howard wins the heinous prize: he was in Glitter. And you never thought you'd see Mariah Carey in an Oscar-related post, now did you?

I loved Brokeback Mountain enough to leave Heath Ledger alone for now. But I'll just give you a little reminder, in case you've accepted him too quickly as a legitimate actor:

There's more than enough snark to go around with these nominations, and as the ceremony draws ever-closer (Sunday, March 5! It's the gay man's Superbowl!), you'll get it. But I promised consumer reports, so instead of giving you my take on the five Best Picture nominees, I'll let the imdb user comments do the talking.

Brokeback Mountain
"People are actually suggesting remedies to help folks work through LAB (Life After BBM). Has there been any movie in which this was necessary?" -- 10 stars

"At the very least, it should get the nod for Best Hair. Check out Anne Hathaway's do at the end of the film." -- 1 star

"First off, there were no cows, only sheep, so they weren't cowboys, but shepherds. Yeah, shepherds are like 40% less sexy than cowboys, so already we're backing a loser." -- 1 star

"I really believe that if [Ennis] had never had an experience with Josh would he have had relations with men." -- 6 stars
[Snarky blogger's note: Who the fuck is Josh?]

"I just kept hoping they'd do everyone a favour and move to San Francisco and be happy." -- 6 stars


"Capote was so liberal that he didn't mind springing two killers to terrorize the rest of us." -- 3 stars

"I thought the film could use subtitles in some parts."
-- 6 stars

"My twin and I were like "What the hell did we get ourselves into?" after the first 5 minutes into the movie." -- 7 stars

"I ask, '2 Capote, or NOT 2 Capote?, that is the question." -- 8 stars

"I may have opted for a title more on the head like, The Deceptor [...] I know Deceptor isn't a word - just an idea." -- 8 stars

"Another dip in the Spielberg pool and I come away drenched in emotion." -- 9 stars

"And who thinks of things like that while in the act w/ the Missus? Be like thinking, mid-stroke-'Wow Sanford and Son wasn't that good today'...something just didn't seem right there, ya know?" -- 7 stars

"As a fact, this movie did lower the opinion I had about Jews as a nation :(" -- 7 stars

"He knows his stuff, this Spielberg." -- 8 stars

"And sorry girls, watching Eric Bana's beautifully sculpted butt for almost three hours just doesn't make up to it." -- no stars given

"Prior to this, I thought "American Beauty" was the bomb...Crash explodes on the screen in nuclear proportions and will BLOW YOU AWAY." -- 10 stars

"I felt like flicking out Ludicrous' eyes out and see if he could still fly around, he was so annoying."
--1 star

"Kudos to Brendan Fraser for his brilliant recreation of his role in 'Encino Man." -- 1 star

"I should have known what to expect with Sandra Bullock in the cast list." --3 stars

"Perhaps IMDb's reviewers are in favour of continuing the class divide and the right to bear arms-I cannot believe that!" -- 10 stars

"Do yourself a favor and watch a much more honest take on race relations, 'Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle!" -- 1 star

Good Night, and Good Luck
" I know the black and white was to bring you back to the 1950s but I was around then and the TV was in black and white but the world was in color and the life these people were living was in real color." -- 1 star

"This film is about Edward R. Murrow, a liar, a coward and a Pharisee." -- 1 star

"The characters are smiling and cracking wry jokes half the time. Nothing dark about that, nothing suggestive of Schindler's List." -- 3 stars

"[Edward R. Murrow's] words to the American people were like the voice of all wisdom, of Shakespeare, of God." -- 10 stars

"Good Night, and Good Luck' is a historical documentary so pertinent to today." -- 10 stars
[Snarky blogger comment: I wonder if this reviewer was confused when GN&GL didn't get nominated in the Best Documentary category].

I have chosen 2 Capote,

spotlight on alums: be funny or be on reality television

Are you up in the NYC area? Do people think you are funny? If you answered no to both of these questions, you are worthless. Or rather...this post will be useless to you.

I just got an e-mail from beloved Wesleyan alumni Naomi Ekperigin about promoting the improv comedy theater she is working at. In response to her, I offered her a spot on the Totes team. In response to my response, she stated...

"as for being my own blogger, i don't know if i need more responsibility. BUT, then again, i did see paul rudd live and in person last night and we totally eye fucked. i think i'm pregnant, and the baby's going to be a 40 year old virgin!"

For those of you wondering what life outside of college is like...it involves being eye-fucked by boys who made your heart thump back in 1995. Oh yeah, you also do things like promote people...

CHICAGO CITY LIMITS is "New York's longest-running Off-Broadway revue." It's all good improv fun! And they're offering classes. They vary in price and are for a variety of levels! If classes aren't your thang, you can check out a show or two...

Tickets are $15 with a 2 drink minimum

They're located on 318 West 53rd Street at 8th Ave. For more information, e-mail Naomi!
Another Wesleyan alumni, Josh Kletzkin, is looking for queers to star in a brand new reality TV show for LOGO TV. It will take place in Provincetown, MA and is coincidentally titled "P-Town". It has been described as an LGBT Laguna Beach. In order to apply you must be 18-45, queer and willing to admit it on television, and willing to spend this upcoming summer in Provincetown. The show will be unscripted, and the cast members will be unpaid. If you are interested send a homotastic e-mail here with your name, age, story, phone number, e-mail address, and a photograph (because ugly people aren't allowed to be on TV).

Joe John

power ballads and karaoke versions

Justin brought you some great consumer reports about High School Musical. Now, I will bring you some MP3s...so you know what's topping your charts and going into your children's ears. Going into your children's ears and sucking out their souls. Be afraid...be very afraid.

30 January 2006

leak alert: neko case and some wu love

For those who aren't musically inclined, Neko Case is probably most known for her work with The New Pornographers. Her newest solo album isn't out until March, and I don't think it's been leaked yet as a whole. But here is a song.

(BUY Neko Case's music, PRE-ORDER here and see tracklisting)

Um...and here are some relatively new O.D.B. songs from beyond the grave...

And some more Wu-love...

GHOSTFACE f/ NE-YO- Back Like That
(PRE-ORDER Fishscale)

(not new, but highly recommended!)
(BUY Tical-0: The Prequel)

(COP THAT ill Raekwon shiz)

We can make war or make babies,
Joe John

i heart diana eng

No, we haven't interviewed Diana Eng of Project Runway...yet. But thanks to Tom, I was able to track down the January 24th article about her on news.com.com.

Diana herself was excited about the article, stating on her blog...

"I am featured on CNET. And for a few fleeting hours I was on the homepage of news.com.com. You bet I PRINT-SCREENed it, printed out a hard copy, and will keep it in my scrapbook forever and ever and ever."

The article features some amazing quotes...

"...a cordless butane smoldering iron that Eng's been known to tote around in her backpack. 'It's easy because you can carry it around in your purse' she said..."

"I'm not sure gadget creators are aware of girls' needs," she said. "I think they're trying to be, but their solution seems to be just making things pink. There's the pink Razr and the pink iPod...that doesn't necessarily make it more girl-friendly."

...and one of Diana's beautiful sketches.


I have read every post of Diana's blog. It's seriously that entertaining. Here are some of the best passages ever.

"I was just dancing around like everyone else, when the DJ on the microphone said something like 'there are some really hot girls dancing out there tonight, especially that asian connection in the corner.' I looked around to see who he was talking about and discovered that the only asian person there was me. Gee, being a minority is so swanky cool. Anyways, mr. politically correct DJ kept talking to me on the mic, then followed me out when I left the club. I've decided that being asain is like having really big breasts. It attracts guys, but for all the wrong reasons. Being asain with really big breasts must suck."

"I spent last month dating Mr. OCD. While he was an immediate winner because of his sexy glasses, I was also keen on him because he has medically diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. Visiting his apartment is all sorts of awesome, because everything is lined up and evenly spaced. Even the dirty forks and spoons in his sink are rinsed off and in a nice neat row. It's the designer's dream, like real life minimalism. I conducted little experiments all the time, by moving things in his house ever so slightly to see if he moved them back. I don't think he enjoyed that much, and we broke up. So the moral of the story is, even if it's for scientific reasons, I probably shouldn't do mini-experiments on people I am dating."

But where is she now?

Going along with her dream of getting girls into gadgets, Diana has been co-starring on iHeartSwitch, an online show that teaches young girls how to make cute and useful gadgets. In the first episode, Diana and her co-host create a picture frame that can be used to record voice messages with a small i-Pod like case made out of a dental floss container. In the next episode, they will be showing how to rig a purse so it blinks when your cell-phone is ringing. Switchit.tv joins a list of sites that encourage girls to get into technology including Chip Click, Shiny Shiny, and the Techie Diva's Guide to Gadgets. You can call me a techie diva, because I think that site is hella interesting even for boys. I mean, a 39 mega-pixel camera! Nipple warmers! REAL Invisibility Cloaks! That's the shit that I dream of....especially since my nipples are constantly freezing.

Diana is also working as a freelance designer, preparing for seamless- computational couture, "a fashion event featuring innovative and experimental works in computational apparel design, interactive clothing, and technology-based fashion."

This piece of work will be at the show on February 1st.
I know what you're thinking-- "It's just a plain ol' hoodie!" But you're smarter than that...you know Diana's ways. You see the wires. What are those about? Upon further investigation of the seamless website, you learn...

Heartbeat Hoodie- diana eng

Heartbeat Hoodie explores the idea of involuntarily documenting parts of life using a camera to take photographs at moments of interest or excitement. The camera, strategically placed above the eyes on the hoodie, takes photographs as the wearer's heart rate increases. The camera is wired discreetly through the seeming of the garment to a basic stamp that communicates with a wireless heart rate monitor. The basic stamp uses an algorithm to analyze the heartbeat for increases that might signify a moment of excitement or interest as opposed to physical exercise. At the end of the day, you can reflect on moments that caused interest and excitement by viewing the photographs. Since the photographs are taken involuntarily, you may find new points of interest that you were not conscious of.

Yes. It's your own personal photo-blog...all installed within your hoodie. Diana also has a second piece in the show...

mathematical knits-diana eng

A collection of three knit pieces that use number patterns to dictate how their decorative structures are knit (using holding and lace techniques). Pleasing aesthetics are commonly based on mathematical proportions. The proportions relate to number patterns. This collection was designed to investigate if number patterns can be used to create design elements.


Upon further investigation and research, I found this old photograph on Diana's website from fall 2002...

This is made out of balloons and staples.Image hosting by Photobucket

What I conclude from seeing this is that Diana would have rocked the runway if she had been given the first challenge of season one. Personally, I think she could have been a contender against dear ol' Austin Scarlett's corn-husk and um..."duck tape"(?) dress.

Image hosting by Photobucket

Yeah, I went there Austin.

In conclusion, I think Diana Eng is amazing and I deserve an A+ or a gold star for my well researched paper...or I at least deserve my own cordless butane smoldering iron.

Image hosting by Photobucket


Gettin Geeky Wit' It,
Joe John

28 January 2006

a little mid-week project runway to keep you going

In case you haven't been reading Santino's blog, his experiment to open the blog to unscreened comments yieled some interesting results. I mean, you have the usual love-hate relationships with the man himself, but also, I swear to God, Daniel V. and Andrae erotic fan fiction. Some choice excerpts:

"Daniel picks up his beer. The cool glass against his palm reminds him briefly of the press of a metal chain against his hand in the playground, and he decides to ignore it."

"But they're both sitting right next to one another in one of the booths watching Chloe and Nick goof off on the dance floor, Daniel's thigh pressed against Andrae's knee, Andrae's shoulder against Daniel's arm, and Daniel's only taken aback a little when he feels the weight of Andrae's head leaning on his shoulder."

"Later on, when he's pressing Andrae against a wall in the bathroom and kissing him while Andrae's hands fumble with his belt, Daniel thinks, Oh, I am really going to regret this in the morning, aren't I?"

Click here for the full, glorious text (scroll down til you hit a huge block of text)

Dear, brave Anonymous, I believe you may have pioneereed a new literary genre: erotic fan fiction about real people. If someone starts writing anything to do with Donald Trump, though, I am so out.

LinkI'll never be able to look at this with innocent eyes again.

And an update: In case you can't get enough of this, there is a whole Livejournal community for Project Runway fan fiction. Oh Jesus.

Embarassed by proxy,

i turn my camera (phone) on

This song is going to blow up without a doubt...or it's about to be in T-Mobile commercials. Apparently, this group includes the younger brother of D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins. BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY ROCKIN' EVERYWHERE.

Shake somethin' for the camera phone,
Joe John

grandaddy's done

So you may have heard that Grandaddy split up yesterday. Some of you may remember Grandaddy from the song "A.M. 180" featured in the film 28 Days Later. Some of you may remember them from the amazing video for "Nature Anthem", where a bunch of people in animal costumes complete choreographed dance moves in the forest. Others may have never heard of them, others may be obsessed with them.

But that's not the point. This is my obligatory tribute post to them.

27 January 2006


As an economics major, I feel the need to inform you of recent, major changes in the entertainment biz world. Some of this has been posted, but not in with the details that you deserve!

1. Disney bought Pixar

Thank God. I've seriously felt dead inside ever since the announcement that "The Incredibles" would be the last Disney/Pixar flick. And as long as at least four of Pixar's seven-member creative team agree to stay with the company, this $7.4 billion acquisition will be smooth. But sadly there will be no "Toy Story 3".

2. UPN and the WB are becoming one

"America's Next Top Model", meet you new step-sister: "Gilmore Girls". Warner Brothers and CBS are teaming up to merge their two, underperforming networks. Look for an "A Line Up Change Has Occured" TiVo message sometime this fall, as CW ("C" for CBS, "W" for WB...creative) will be added. This news actually makes me slightly nervous. What'll be axed?! I don't know if I'll be able to go on without "Girlfriends"! Luckily, they're shooting for the 18-34 age group, so we should be ok.

Wanna be on top,