03 December 2005

tyra, tyra, tyra

They're all real, people

Tyra Banks is retiring. From modeling. She will no longer be strutting her stuff in Vicky's slut-wear. I don't know about you, but a single tear just dripped over my nose and down my luscious face. She's only 32! Why, Tyra?! WHY? You look great, and I wanna kinda be able to see your cooch for a little longer. Oh, the pain. It's almost unbearable. Here's an interview with her about retirement to help ease the heartbreak.

Unfortunately for me, she is not retiring from America's Next Top Model. I guess I'll just have to put my dreams of becoming America's Next Top America's Next Top Model Judge on hold. Sigh. At least I can be excited about the fact that the sixth season of ANTM has already begun shooting!!

Do you wanna be on TOP?

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