23 December 2005

the twelve days of (last) christmas

Ok, I have to confess that one of my favorite Christmas songs is "Last Christmas" by Wham! The thing is, I usually hate covers of it.

It's as if the blog Copy, Right? wanted to challenge this notion...because they chose and posted THIRTY THREE covers of this lovely song. Here are my favorites and the ones that make me want to die. You can feel free to guess which ones are which. Here's a clue. I hate Old Navy commercials, and they alternate between "good"* and bad.
  1. YOKO WATANABE- Last Christmas (Japanese pop, this song deserves an accent)
  2. KEISHA CHANTE- Last Christmas (Hello Old Navy commercial)
  3. RAP ALL STARS- Last Christmas (We gonna remix that track, flip it around)
  4. CRAZY FROG- Last Christmas (Run. Now.)
  5. HILARY DUFF- Last Christmas (It makes me feel like I'm in a Disney channel original movie!)
  6. VASCO AND MILLBOY f/ THOMAS B- Last Christmas (Christmas rave!!!)
  7. ZECCHINO D'ORO- Queston Natale (Italian Kidz Bop, brilliance)
  8. BUSTED- Last Christmas (CRY about it emo boy.)
  9. JAMELIA- Last Christmas (That's right. Gimme some SOUL.)
  10. ROSES ARE RED- Last Christmas (Sorry Justin. Too angry.)
  11. SARGE- Last Christmas (I think the charm in this is that it sounds like it should hypothetically be my best friend from high school's older brother's girlfriend's little sister's band.)
  12. RAPHAEL- La Ultima Navidad (This makes me want to OD on eggnog.)
* NOTE: I actually don't think any of these are legitimately good. Though some of them are funny.

Bling bling here! Bling Bling there! Bling Bling everywhere! Take me to the promised land with Bling Bling in the air! BONUS TRACK:

BANAROO- Bling Bling Here, Bling Bling There (Jingle Bells)

Weh-ell it's been, it doesn't slupise me,
Joe John


Justin said...

Weird! About an hour and a half after you posted this, I was at Krispy Kreme, and a cover of that song came on. I commented on how I didn't know who did the cover, but I liked it. I guess it's not that weird, it being Christmas and all, but whatever.

maria pia said...

oh man, how can you not link to the greek one? it's one of the weirdest things i've ever heard, and most greek music is bizzare and awful