29 December 2005

So you've decided that you don't want to ring in the New Year alone....again. Where are you to turn? Classifieds are sketchy, and Match.com takes so much time/effort (just trust me). Oh, and Missed Connections? Forgettaboutit.

Well, ladies, here's your chance to hook-up with famous rockstar (one generation removed) Sean Lennon:

Like a virgin

He posted his criteria on Page Six, because everyone knows that tabloids are where the high-quality ladies are at:

  • Must have been born female (damn!)
  • Between the ages of 18 and 45
  • An IQ of 130+
  • Honest
  • No clinical or psychological disorders
  • A kind heart
  • No physical deformities

God, celebs are so picky! If only, if only.

Everyday is go Astroboy,


mell said...

he's a bit pickier than that GA tech DJ.

Katey said...

I am all of those things! Yes! True love is finally mine!