17 December 2005

silent night, holy cow

I think my new favorite part of the holiday season is the iTunes music store, specifically the customer reviews of "Silent Night" by The Click Five...

Why am I not surprised? (1 star)
Leave it to one of the most power-ish bands out there to ruin Christmas classics. These guys don't even deserve one star. THEY ARE IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY TO MAKE MONEY. They don't write their own stuff. If you wanna listen to something pop but listen to someone who actually does write their own stuff and writes music to write music, listen to Savage Garden. Those two actually have incredible voices, yet they are way underrated.

Christmas at it's best (5 stars)
This song is one of the best christmas songs i have heard in a long time!...

gay (1 star)- 8 out of 22 listeners found this helpful
Click Five is GAY!!!

wow (5 stars)
absolutely amazing...The Click Five have taken a classic Christmas song and made it very enjoyable to listen to. This version od Silent Night is not like any other. Eric Dill's amazing vocals are sure to leave you in tears.

~!Katie~! NO WAY (1 star)

i SuPpOrT tHem (5 stars)
hEy ThIs SoNg AiNt ThE bEsT. iTs nOt lIkE mY uSuAlL mUsIc... i AgReE, buT i SuPpOrT tHeM tHeY r My NeIgHbOrS. AcTuAlLy ThEy wErE. ThE lEaD sInGeRs PaReNtS lIvE nExT tO mE sTiLl!!! jUsT lIsTeN tO tHeRe nEw cD!!!* mUaH kIss KiSs

Ouch (1 star)
I'd rather listen to rats squeak as they tore off my ears, then to have to listen to this atrocity.

I Like What There Doing (5 stars)
This is pretty cool that a mainstream band has slowed things down and has taken in the Christmas Spirit to sing about Jesus. This blew my mind when I first saw it and it rocks, softly.

The Click Five should burn in hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (1 star)- 18 out of 44 listeners found this review helpful
This is a bunch of Bull S$%$ Destroy this band!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And one more thing the Bass player is banging a 17 year old from Waltham, MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does everyone hate this so much? (5 stars)
Ok... this doesn't make sense? the first review is telling them to burn in hell for singing about our savior (jesus) !? I don't even like this band that much, but it's crazy that people hate them for singing about jesus?! What's wrong with you? You guys should be ashamed!

The Beatles (1 star)
these dudes are such wannabes, they look like the Beatles. They sound like girls.

5 STARS (5 stars)
OMG! u stupid idiots u dissed the click five in their music. me and my friends kaitlin and sara 4 gunna kill u! me and sara were reading all the reviews and i think u stupid idiots that criticized the click five should jump off a cliff and land on barneys face. then ur brain will land on ur foot and ur guts will splatter everywhere! i lov the click five, and if you dont then dont review bout them u littl piece of morons!!! grrr im gunna kill evryone!
p.s. im kooler than jerred
p.s.s. victoria, sara, and kaitlin rule the school!

CLICK 5 SUCKS (1 star)

My MOM listens to better songs than this,
Joe John


Justin said...

I think that my two favorites are the one calling them gay (complete with the note that 8 of 22 people found the review helpful) and the one written by THEIR neighbor. I only hope that she's under 12. And has a condition rendering her unable to control the movement of her left pinky.

Anonymous said...

Is this the version that's all atonal, and the singer just kind of shrieks incoherently, except for you can really make out the words "round yon virgin mother and child" for some reason?

Because I hear that every day at GC and it makes me want to stab Jesus. Because Jesus was just another n****r trying to make money.


Anonymous said...

Also, did anyone notice that Newsweek <3 the Arcade Fire, and the New York Times called "Since U Been Gone," and I quote, "sublime"?


Andrea said...

What's wrong with banging someone from Waltham, MA? They may look and smell different, but they're just like you and me. The Click Five should be commended for their Xmas Spirit. The Holy Ghost banged a 14-year-old girl, and look what happened there - Jesus!