14 December 2005

new vs. old

So I was one of the few who stood by the fact that Fiona Apple's Extraordinary Machine sounded better in it's leaked, unfinished state than the final version released to the real world. I thought it sounded genuine, not overly produced.

Unfortunately, I wonder whether it is actually better or if it's some stupid psychological bullshit having to do with liking what I heard first.

This is where I test my judgement...You don't have to like this song or artist, but can somebody give me feedback on which one they think is better?

NELLIE McKAY- Cupcake (live)
NELLIE McKAY- Cupcake (studio)

Maybe they're not even as drastically different as I think...maybe they're good in their own ways. I'm just not sure where I stand. I do know which one I prefer though...

Won't U Please Be Nice,
Joe John

1 comment:

notjesslane said...

i was just thinking this about the fiona apple stuff. totally like the older stuff better. just especially when considering the tone and quality of her voice. the instruments might be better or worse, but i lik her voice better first time around.