20 December 2005

a magical christmas of magic

Tweens. Those are the magical creatures Justin and I encountered when we entered the Yule Ball in Cambridge, MA. They were sometimes obnoxious. Sometimes the opening acts were more obnoxious. All in all, the Yule Ball was hilarious, amazing, and rocking.

The hilarity began when Justin and I were approached by an awkward dark-haired girl in a red dress. She nervously told us about the Harry Potter Alliance, which is a good cause...but the information sheet was enough to make any college student laugh. The stick-it-to-the-man organization draws comparisons between our world and Harry Potter's, because "after all, both worlds face dark and difficult times". (from the sheet...)
  • Genocide's return is denied by our media and government the way Voldemort's return is denied by the Ministry and Daily Prophet.
  • Both worlds are plagued by planned attacks on civilians (not to mention hurricanes)
  • Our government continues to torture prisoners just as the Ministry refuses to remove the dementors from Azkaban.
  • Our society continues to exploit Indigenous people, poor nations, and sweat shops just as the Wizarding world does not see Centaurs, Giants, and House Elves as equals
While you may find this funny, especially if like me you were making socioeconomic comparisons between our world and Harry's for a semester, I think they're doing a great thing-- Making teenage fans of Harry Potter aware of their world by comparing it to something they're more familiar with.

Of course I wore my "I Snogged Ginny Weasley" t-shirt. And of course five 14 year old girls complimented it. And of course there was merch. And of course this meant they were selling their Christmas CD.

The Harry and the Potters Magical Christmas of Magic album is pretty great.

It opens with a dance track by Dumbledore (Basically, them)...which is my favorite on the album. At the show, Dumbledore came out and did some breakdancing. It changed my life.

The second track is "All I Want for Christmas" by Draco and the Malfoys. No, it's not a cover of the ever-popular Mariah Carey song...Draco is pleaing to Voldemort that the one thing he wants for Christmas is Harry Potter gone...with a little bit of 80s flavor. This is definitely not the best from these two, who had great songs that night including "My Dad is Rich, Your Dad is Dead" and "99 Deatheaters".

Tracks 3 & 6 are very emo. In three, Stubby Boardman sings about drinking too much Butterbeer on Christmas, which reminds you of your awkward Uncle who drinks too much Jack Daniels. Number six, "Seasonal Depression" by The Whomping Willows, is an acoustic number asking Dumbledore why he made the Whomping Willow with no friends or family.

Track 4 is online and you can listen to it and form your own opinion. It's about snogging Ginny under mistletoe.
HARRY AND THE POTTERS- Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Track 5, "Money for Christmas" by The Gringotts Goblin Choir is short, sweet, and uneventful.

One of the best songs on the album is brought to us by the strange Uncle Monsterface...who takes the name "Cousin Monsterface" on this song which you can download below. The song was performed with Harry and the Potters coming out towards the end for the Fa La Las. It is adorable and will rock Dumbledore's wooly socks off.

COUSIN MONSTERFACE- In My Room of Requirement (It's Always Christmas)

This track is countered by a sad acoustic song by Neville Longbottom which opens with the line "What's the deal with everyone getting together? The only snogging I get is from my grandmother." Neville talks about how he wants to get some action. We discovered at the show that Neville is apparently a short, lanky, Asian boy. This is probably the third best song on the album.

The album closes with "Christmas at Hogwarts" a song reminiscent of pretty much every other Harry and the Potters song, with a little bit of Christmas flava. It's not about the presents, it's about spending the holidays with the ones you love. A great message for all ages.

Buy the album NOW...or be stuck listening to shitty Christmas songs on the radio.

Also, please note that Harry and the Potters made Pitchfork's list of the top five concerts of the year. Yeah, a concert in a LIBRARY was one of the most rocking concerts of the year.

There's Never Too Many Socks for Christmas,
Joe John


Katey said...

When you both turned me down for Brokeback Mountain last night you should have told me you were doing this instead-- I would have been filled with both awe and mocking laughter.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the Harry Potter Alliance shout out. I'm Andrew from What Would Dumbledore Do and one of the founders of the Alliance. Just wanted to point out however, that our "dumbed down" :-) sheet did not include George Bush=Voldemort. I compare Bush and many Republican as well as Democratic politicans to Ministry leaders. I would not compare Bush to Voldemort. I think it's not an accurate comparison.

But thank you for seeing the importance behind what we're trying to do. We think it could have a real positive effect and we would love feedback - even help as we build this thing. So always feel free to shoot me an email at andrew@whatwoulddumbledoredo.com and I hope to keep in touch.

Also: love the "snogging Ginny" shirt. Hilarious.

Happy Holidays,


"Tween" said...

Were you the guy whose shirt I took a picture of because we're not fourteen...