16 December 2005

here she is, boys! here she is, world!

Wow. So after witnessing the noble birth of the baby now known as Totes Umbrellas, and after being one of the first fans and reading every time I finished a sentence in a paper and felt like I deserved a break, Joe John has given me the keys to the castle. No more playin' the lounge for this girl-- I'm workin' the big room.

My name is Katey, and after months of being a Totes groupie, I'm joining the team. It's like when they finally let George join the Beatles, or in "West Side Story" when Anybodys gets to fight in the rumble.

Stay cool, boy.

I'll be here to post basically whatever I find on the internet that entertains me and relates to pop culture, which are usually the same thing. My goal is to start having Project Runway recaps each week, complete with screencaps, but at the moment I'm in the midst of finals, so be patient, loved ones. I might also have movie reviews or writing about whatever else strikes my fancy-- I'm not much of a linker, so I'll make up for it by boring you with my own writing. Huzzah.

For now I'll link you to my absolute favorite recap blog ever, Four Four. Now that ANTM is over it might not have the same joy, but we'll see. And just to prove I can, a screencap of my favorite reality TV star ever, Andrae.

I'm not supposed to be crying, JESUS!

Sitting at the grownup table,


Joe John said...

Katey...I think the mention of West Side Story made you gayer. It's okay though...I'm glad to have you on the team.

I was going to write a welcome post but I got thrown off by my little linking dilemma.

Justin said...

Boy-howdie I'm excited!

Katey said...

What you don't know is that the title is a reference to "Gypsy." Twice the gay.

Joe John said...

the sad part is that I did know that. Triple the gay...and I HATE Bette Midler.

Anonymous said...

Wait, is there really a West Side Story character named "Anybodys"? Kind of like in the Odyssey?