14 December 2005

gayest post. ever.


Ursher is joining Fiddy Cent in the realm of making homophobic comments. When asked about the infamous orgies that he attended with P. Diddy...the subject of homosexual activity came up. Ursher responded...

"There was women on women but never man on man. Shit, nowhere near that! No one I ever roll with or ever would have roll with would get down like that."

Usher also states how he wants an Oscar. He is surely on his way with movies like In the Mix. Maybe he should think about playing a gay cowboy if that's his ambition.
Let me just say that these two men should not be talking about gayness...

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Women can have the motorized version of him...because after seeing that picture, no chick is going to believe he is actually straight.


Speaking of gangsta, let's talk about how Brokeback Mountain is making it Connecticut debut in Stamford TOMORROW. Now that's gangsta.

Stupid Ted C has another blind item...Stealth Stud. The ONTD kids think it's Tom Cruise or Heath Ledger.

Also, Jakey G got close with his sister's suitor, Peter Sarsgaard on the set of Jarhead. If by close, you mean close to his crotch.

"I considered that it was him trying out for my sister's hand. (translation: vagina) I'm not saying whether he succeeded, but that's what it was. I think Maggie revelled in it - I think she was (sexually) excited for both of us. And we came out of it closer, that's for sure."


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First Lindsay, now Paris too! Brunette invasion.


I'm talking about Brandon Routh's peen obviously.

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Rumors are about that Superman's bulge is a bit too much for producers. His junk is about to get as digitally hidden as Lindsay Lohan's boobs in Herbie: Fully Loaded. Might I also add that I originally typed "Rumors are about that Superman's bulge is a bit too much in producers." As if the tights weren't gay enough.


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Behind these Hazel Eyes is this woman...looking way 2 punk rock 4 this. Read the article and understand the DARKNESS that is Kelly Clarkson.

(and then some + a bag of chips)

The new Amanda Bynes "film" looks like quite a winner. It's like Shakespearian or something!

When a teenage girl, Viola, discovers that her soccer team has been cut from her school, she disguises herself as her twin brother and takes his place at his new boarding school for two weeks. Comedy ensues when she falls in love with her new roommate, Duke, and finds herself the object of affection of the beautiful Olivia, the girl whom Duke loves. Things get even more complicated when her twin brother, Sebastian, finally turns up.

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Is Jessica Simpson gonna take a walk down Wisteria Lane? Rumors are about that she's going to have a guest spot on Desperate Housewives. The reps say that this is bullshit. I also agree...because they done turned Britney down too.

Is Bareback Mountain sold out?,
Joe John

PS- Billy Elliott = not gay


Katey said...

I don't know... it seems like no piece of gossip about Tom Cruise, even a blind item, could be without some jab about him being crazy. Other male stars with pregnant girlfriends/wives:

Ben Affleck (even though the site says it's not him)
Seal (omg!!! amazing!!)

Heath Ledger is my bet though. Wouldn't more people see the movie if they thought Heath was actually gay?

mp said...

I'm so utterly sad about the 12thNight rip off. ::tear:: Besides, remaking-famous-works-of-literature-into-teen-movies is so 90s.