12 December 2005

facebook livin pt. 2

You may have heard already, but Nicole Linkletter of ANTM is on facebook. I am not even kidding. Global search her if you don't believe me.

Unfortunately, she will NOT friend you, or maybe she just thought I was ugly.

However, I have come up with a scheme. In the spirit of Nsami..."yo poke that bitch! poke her poke her poke her!" Poke her. I have this theory that then she might love us...or really hate us. Poking is a lost art on facebook. Maybe she'll recognize this.

Also, Jayla doesn't even have time for her fans so what makes you think she has time for haters??? So stop trying to friend her on myspace.

Ok, so all of this is old news...but whatever. Let's poke Nicole.

I'm a skinny ass bitch that likes to poke holes in things,
Joe John

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