18 November 2005

totesumbrellas november mixtape

Here is the part where I run about the blogosphere and find a bunch of songs that I think are worth listening to...including some old favorites. A lot of them are stolen from YANP, which means we really need to figure out how to post songs on our Wesleyan webspace so these mixes can be a bit more original.

  1. COACH SAID NOT TO- Series of Near Misses
  2. THEE SHAMS- On My Mind
  3. RIS PAUL RIC- Purple Blaze (Galang-a-lang-a-lang?)
  4. SMOOSH- Rad
  5. THE CHANGES- When I Wake
  6. HER SPACE HOLIDAY- My Girlfriend's Boyfriend
  7. THE RAVEONETTES- My Boyfriend's Back
  8. ARCTIC MONKEYS- A Certain Romance
  9. THE A-SIDES- Park Avenue
  10. SPEAKER SPEAKER- Statues Shadows
  11. THE CARDIGANS- Give Me Your Eyes
  12. THE WALKUP- Run and Hide
  13. THE KEVINS- You!

BONUS TRACK: CANSEI DE SER SEXY- Let's Make Love and Listen Death From Above
I just liked the title of this song. Plus it makes up for the overall lack of dance-ability of the above mix.

From what I heard she got a baby by Busta,
Joe John

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