02 November 2005

the tip off

Every once in awhile a little birdie will send us an e-mail and let us know about something that is going on in the world. If we think the little birdie's news is important enough...we will post about. When I say we, I mean me...but of course.

The little birdie of the day is Sir Jesse D. Young I, '06!

Jesse kindly reminded me that the new "Boogie Down" video for The Management/MGMT is making it's debut on the interweb. You can check it out here. Wesleyan grad Max Goldblatt ('05) directed that shiz and it features (to quote Jesse) "hell of wes kids".

Another bit from Jesse...is the surprising fact that Madonna hates Gwen Stefani. Ok, it's not that dramatic. She pulled the ol'..."I'm gonna talk some junk and then try to make up for it with some compliments." Madonna accuses Gwenni Gwen Gwen of biting her style. Next up off Madonna's tongue: "GOD! She's a woman who makes dance music that people like to dance to and we're both white...and she wears clothing!...but I think she has a nice face."

Living in a material world,
Joe John


Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Or should I say: You totally bit off our exclusive news item, Totes - but we think you're very sweet and talented.