26 November 2005

terrible 200s

While my Thanksgiving break involved many old white people blaming society's problems on 50 Cent, I knew there must be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Just when I thought all hope was lost...
the light came in the modern-day equivalent of Jesus...
Lindsay Lohan, of course!!!
And it makes great news for the
200th post of totesumbrellas

Her new album, A Little More Personal (Raw), has leaked!!! (cop it @ rapidshare link 1 : link 2) So you may wonder what a boy stuck in NJ with no automobile or cell phone does...and I provide you the answer. Said boy listens to Lindsay Lohan at 2:55am.

How can you alleviate the Thanksgiving break blues???
  • Eat more fatty!!!
  • Two words: television marathons
  • Two words: the internet
Come Back Katie Brown,
Joe John

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