30 November 2005

surrealest life

B, double O, double T, double E
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Peter Brady and Adrianne Curry, going steady for good

Now, I read this article and the most prevalent thought in my mind was not...
  • Shit, didn't they break up months ago?
  • Wedding on television?? That's crazzzzzy! They're going to wind up like Darva Conger!
...but I did think...
OK, then there's another part of me that wonders if this is a big joke/publicity stunt. Is this like Nick and Jessica stringing us along for all that time even with all the speculation that they were dunzo?? Like, seriously...Is Adrianne really just bonking Constantine from American Idol while C-Knight does videos for boyband-disguised-as-rockband The Click Five? Maybe Adrianne is actually his beard and he's bonking some guy in The Click Five.

Only time will bring us the truth about Our Fair Brady and Future Mrs. Brady.

Lastly, I leave you a quote from a random rant about the show.

"Well, maybe you and Adrianne can sit at home and watch it together. Just don't put video of you watching yourselves on VH-1 a few months from now. Our televisions might explode."

I actually hope they do that. It'd be so meta! Maybe I'd actually watch the show then.

Have you heard about Hugo and Kim*?,
Joe John

* No, Kim is not recording a bumpin demo with the Neptunes and has no involvement with Chad Hugo as far as I know. This is a reference to my sixth grade play, Bye Bye Birdie. Ten bucks says that Katey knew that without this blurb. That's so homo.


mell said...

I knew the reference from the first line, fool! Best musical eva! Please tell me you played Harvey Johnson.

Hello Mr. Henkle, this is Harvey Johnson. Can I speak to Penelope?

Katey Rich said...

I so did not know that, and now in a few days when you google me you'll have me being called a homo. At least it's better than being called an ugly slut.

P.S: If you'd asked about Tony and Maria or Curly and Laurie or Coalhouse and Sarah, though, I would have totes been there.