04 November 2005

the sound of stalking

The creepiest place on the interweb is going platinum! MySpace.com and Interscope Records are teaming up to create MySpace Records, an outlet for angsty, kinda sucky t[w]een bands everywhere. After NewsCorp bought MySpace's parent company four months ago, it was only a matter of time before Rupert Murdoch started meddling. The best part is that MySpace users will provide feedback as to which acts should be chosen. Thank Jesus they have good taste. Sketchy internet-stalkers always do.

Check out the tracks here. You'll notice that they're all by up-and-coming artists who got their starts on MySpace like Dashboard Confessional and Weezer.

And you won't even have to wait long to get those grubby hands on the first cut: MySpace Records Volume 1 hits stores November 15th. Also, if you pre-order it through their site, MySpace will give you an extra four free profile pictures! Because everyone wants to see your face four more times. Especially that home-schooled kid in Iowa.

You're such a beautiful stalker,

1 comment:

mell said...

dude, I totally don't understand myspace. I also am way too obsessed with the new facebook photo albums. They're fucking awesome! And now when I'm drunk at a party and take a picture, I can say "they'll be on facebook tomorrow" instead of webshots which requires an entire URL and like, a pen!

In other news, here is some advice for everyone: don't volunteer for shit on the weekend. You will regret it. Peace out!