01 November 2005

on the spot

Recently I did a search of who linked to totesumbrellas and discovered that Adam Freelander has a blog, The Laws Have Changed. You may be familiar with the shitparade kids and the wesleyan booyah...but how come no one notified me that one of the former kings of the dance party has set up shop on the interweb? If you are a Wesleyan blogger, hit me up so we can link your junk. Playing on The Laws Have Changed...

Oh shit. If you like people with superb musical taste...than Guava is the place to be. Not only do we have a fan of Sufjan and M.I.A., but honey done linked The Management (MGMT)!!! Apparently, there is absolutely no affiliation with Wesleyan University on this one. The MGMT post states, "This song is also one of my favorite Management songs. It makes me shimmy, want to take a swimmy, and hang out with Kimmy…" And the Kimmy she refers to isn't Kimmy Stolz. Whoa. This blows my mind. Playing on Guava...


adam said...

thanks for the love plug

the Jose Gonzales cover of Love Will Tear Us Apart is fantastic; here's a live recording, which i like a little better for its rawness:
Jose Gonzales - Love Will Tear Us Apart (Live in Stockholm)

Gonzales also does a phenomenal cover of Heartbeats:
Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats

Andrea said...

I don't think the boys know Guava. Maybe she cought their act with Of Montreal. All I know is, lady's got taste. PS - check shitparade for the latest MGMT news and the NEW MGMT VIDEO! Holy calamashit! Tell me how awesome you think it is!