28 November 2005

it's a boy

If you're into the gender binary, then you should be certain that Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are going to have a baby boy!! She bought blue things!!!! She will put these blue things on something called "William Oscar". If the thing that she was going to put blue things was going to wear pink things, they would have named it "Ella Elizabeth".

I love colors,
Joe John


katey Rich said...

"Ella Elizabeth" is by far the worst baby name I've ever heard. "William Oscar" at least has some flair to it.

Andrea said...

OK, but who thinks that she actually isn't pregnant and that Tomkat are adopting or stealing an infant from another set of parents secretly? Certainly not me, that would be so paranoid! (Anyone?)

mell said...

if shes that close to having a baby...(the article said "it won't be long) when did tomkat start? like may? Thats about 7ish months. okay i don't really know the timeline of it all, but maybe they had some one night stand, and she got pregnant and thats why all this crazyness happened! please don't tear my theory apart and call me stupid :( (just one or the other...not both)