01 November 2005

i do it for the feeling, not the words

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If you can't read that...let me break it down for you.

"I listen to music for the feeling, not necessarily words,
and her songs give you a good feeling."
-Marques Houston, costar of Trapped,
on Hilary Duff's Metamorphosis

You may be like, who??? To refresh your memory, Marques Houston is the actor who played Roger on the hit 90s comedy Sister, Sister.

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Roger...I mean Marques spent a short time in the short-lived boy-band Immature, who performed often on Nickelodeon's All That and had a music video with Kel Mitchell as the guy from Good Burger. Immature originally started somewhat innocent, but later changed their name to IMX and took a more mature approach with songs such as "My First Time", which included details of a young man's first sexual experience.

Later, Marques went on to have a solo career. Two albums are out already, full of slow jams and booty-bouncing tracks like the song "Naked". He starred in classic films such as You Got Served, House Party 4, and Fat Albert, and with his "chiseled body" (ew) gained a large female following. His cousin is J-Boog, a member of B2K...another boyband that makes tweens go crazy.

OK, so you may be wondering why you need all this backstory. You don't. The funny part is quite simply that a grown man just admitted to listening to Hilary Duff...in VIBE magazine. Also, I just wanted to look up J-Boog on wikipedia.

In conclusion, Marques Houston has as much street cred as I do. This is sad.

Clap your hands if you remember your first time...listening to "So Yesterday",
Joe John

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