17 November 2005

the good, the bad, the ugly, and the ooooooooooooh

While you listen to these tunes on your iPod, you can also pleasure yourself apparently...in time with the song you're listening to.

So I posted this song ages ago, but since then I really started to listen to it. I feel guilty for liking it, mostly because of their cover of Alphaville's "Forever Young" from the O.C. that is getting Youth Group a lot of hype. It isn't really a good song. But I think this is. Maybe I have bad taste. Maybe I'm just really emo. Emu?
YOUTH GROUP- Skeleton Jar

I don't particularly love The Fiery Furnaces, but I like the spin-off. Toshi Yano's band Kapow! is promising.
KAPOW!- Make You Mine

OK, so "Hoodie" isn't necessarily my favorite joint by Lady Sovereign, but hot damn...The Basement Jaxx are annoying as hell by themselves, but amazing on remixes. It's amazing that one of my least favorite songs by an artist is suddenly close to my favorite after a bit of work by them.
LADY SOVEREIGN- Hoodie (Basement Jaxx remix)

NEW OUTKAST!?! But wait...there's a disclaimer. You'd think that after the success of "Hey Ya" and "The Way You Move" that Outkast would continue with a similar formula for their new album. Surprisingly...no. Following up "Hey Ya" is quite a task, so instead the boys from the ATL choose to revisit the sound of albums like ATLiens. The result is quite confusing, because I don't know what to compare it to. Essentially, I give it a thumbs down if they think they can pull this off as a single. If not, the single better make me shake my ass.
OUTKAST- Rats & Roaches

OH NO! If you've turned into MTV lately, you may be familiar with fat kid Andy Milanokis. If you've existed in the past couple of years you may remember J-Kwon's "Tipsy" at dance parties. "Errybody in the club's gettin' tipsy." What happens when they come together? Pure. Hell.

This ain't a rap song, this is my life,
Joe John


Justin said...

If I see someone on the subway with a wire going from iPod to vagina, I will kick her in the ovaries. People like that don't deserve offspring.

Neither does Andy Milanokis.

notjesslane said...

FUCK YOU GUYS. Milonakis is my friend from New Jersey. He's a good guy. He's a comedian. That's what he does. If you don't get the joke then that doesn't mean he doesn't deserve to have kids. I personally think he's kind of a genius, it's a different take on the same philosophy of comedy that Stella has.

Also, he's pretty good at rapping for a white guy. He mostly freestyles.