11 November 2005

don't be jealous

So word on the street (aka mtv.com) is that Abercrombie & Fitch was forced to discontinue two of their t-shirts because of a so-called "girlcott". The shirts were deemed offensive to young women because...well, they are. The two shirts discontinued read, "With These, Who Needs Brains?" and "Gentlemen Prefer Tig Old Bitties". I'm glad Abercrombie is keeping teens where they belong...dying their hair, getting boob jobs, spreading their legs, and failing algebra.

Meanwhile, Abercrombie likes you more if you are blonde. Keep in mind that this shirt is still on sale. I tell you this, because I know you will want to purchase it immediately...
Out: Hitler
In: Abercrombie

I had a bowl of bitchy for breakfast,
Joe John


Justin said...

Goddamnit! That's why people like you more than me!

mell said...

joe john, you fail to mention their ever-popular "brunette is the new blond". The brunettes, they will have their day.

For the record, my dad thinks a lot of those shirts are hilarious. When we went shopping over parent's weekend, my dad tried to sneak in a "I'm not with stupid anymore" tee for me, but I told him that wasn't particularly classy/wouldn't help me get laid. I suppose he'd had a bowl of bitchy for breakfast.

Andrea said...

As if everyone didn't know that brunettes are ignored. A&F should step it up with their clever and innovative sloganeering. How about a real bit of news, like "Blondes are stupid / Brunettes make excellent engineers but are usually way into scrips".