18 November 2005

all the things she said

Taken from the internet...

why!!!!!!!! is kim still there?

she's so ugly
no one would use her to model
she's only on the show because she's "lesbian"
which I doubt she really is.
she's being lesbian like TATU...(for attention and fame)
*rolls eyes*

I keep hearing this theory, but it just doesn't hold water. After all, Michelle was gay. Did they keep her "too long" (in YOUR opinion)? Did they over-focus on Michelle? After all, Michelle was the first out-of-the-closet antm model, not Kim.

Clearly Kim must have a certain something to garner such attention--both positive and RABIDLY negative from people that keep obsessing over her. I don't think just being a lesbian is what is keeping her on the show. By that logic, Michelle should have been in the top two.

Personally, I think all this bizarre over-the-top Kim hating is just homophobia. A pretty lesbian is doing well and perhaps has a shot (unlike the likeable but unlikely-to-win Michelle), and some just cannot cope.

because michelle wasn't hitting on and making out with the girls on the show. Michelle pretty much kept to her self and was quiet unlike kim

kim isn't pretty
she actually kind of looks like ellen degenerit or whatever

girls who cause drama raise raitings
hense keenya? yaya? etc

assuming I dislike kim because I am homophobic is just like saying I dislike xtina because I'm jealous.

I am not jealous. I am not homophobic.
why would I fear someone because they're lesbian?
why would I hate someone for that reason?
doesn't make a whole lot of sense

however it does make sense that I would dislike kim because she's phony.

"because michelle wasn't hitting on and making out with the girls on the show. Michelle pretty much kept to her self and was quiet unlike kim"

You're pretty much proving my point right there. Michelle was much less threatening to you because she kept to herself--you didn't have to deal with her unsettling sexuality. Kim half responds to Sarah flirting with her, and all of a sudden you feel uncomfortable. The uncomfortable feeling leads to hating.

As for "jealousy", I didn't say anything about that and I don't know who xtina is. And FTR, those who "hate the sin" or think homosexuality is "unnatural" often say they don't "fear" homosexuals, so that perhaps wasn't your best defense. You may not be homophobic, but that's a the defense I hear homophobes give.

A. my roomate is gay
B. most people think I'm bi because I have no problem flirting with girls and guys
C. my best friend is lesbian
D. kim really is NOT pretty enought to make it as a model on looks alone.
E. I didn't like michelle either... but that was because I thought she looked like a man

if you want to believe that I am a gay hater then go for it.
it must be nice to live in your own little world eh?

You are retarded. Plz stop posting thx.

Boringness stating that the above person was wrong because Ebony (from Cycle one, not "Don't Get it Twisted" Ebony) was the first lezzie.

kim went to my college, unlike many, she certainly was NOT a "wesbian." girlfriend likes girls. if you want to hate, don't say that she's faking her sexuality.

Seconded, I go to Wesleyan as well. Kim was the hot lesbian with a scooter.


Is this OH NO THEY DIDN'T!, or is this the Wesleyan Anonymous Confession Board??? GOD! Don't you just hate lesbians who do it for attention??? Because you know, there are no REAL homosexuals on TV. Except for maybe "Ellen Degenerit".

Step back you're dancing too close,
Joe John

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