16 November 2005

99 problems and a lawsuit's one

Just when you thought it was safe to bump "99 Luftballoons" at your next dance-party, some random ass guy goes on and ruins it. And this time, it's not because he put on "Irish Blood, English Heart"...but because he's suing Jay-Z's ass. It's alright H to the O-V. I got yo' back!

In other hip-hop related news...Ja Rule and Ashanti: They also do Bat Mitzvahs!

I'm not always there when you call,
Joe John

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rebecca gitlin the magnificent said...

Needless to say Amber's shindig put most sweet 16s to shame, thanks to Ja Rule and Ashanti, who Torah the roof off the Forge with renditions of Ja's "Always on Time" and "Livin' It Up."

For Ja, it was his first bat mitzvah. "I'm Uncle Ja," he said, with his arm wrapped around a beaming Amber. "I'm really here just to scare all the little boys, the little 13-year-old bad boys that try to hit on little Amber. That's why I'm here."

he TORAH the roof off? that's amazing writing right there.