19 October 2005

you can hula-hoop to this

You probably hate me for my obsession with the new album by The Cardigans...it's just THAT good.

And for all the fans of the Madonna or non-fans of Madonna, here is a danceable single by her that I'm not allowed to like because liking it will prevent Mimi's emancipation...
Madginator Estherface- Hung ^

Brought to you by stereogum, a cover of The Pretenders' "Brass in Pocket" by the woman who brought us such classics as "Milkshake". This really makes me worry about the state of the world.
KELIS- Brass in Pocket

OK, now I have to get back to work. FOR REAL.

Time goes by so slowly,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

good for u joe john! stay strong. Madonna's Confessions will never come to be if Team Lamb has their way!!! 1-2-3 Emancipate! bwahahahHAHA! *makes scary lamb-esque noise*


Justin said...

Matt: you are scary.