24 October 2005

she's so lucky she's a star

Britney has always been good to her fans, and now she's showing her love in a new way: by suing them. Yes, Brit and KFed are suing several fan-sites that posted pictures of Baby Spears before the couple had a chance to make millions in exclusive magazine deals.

Boo-hoo. I shed a single tear for them and so should you. I mean, what will they have to live off of now that B has her inevitable c-section scar, and K is too busy wearing socks with sandals to make a living? This is the end of the American Dream, people.

It’s getting’ Chaotic,


mell said...

Thank god you posted, Justin. I hadn't seen Britney's twat in WEEKS!

I sat in student health for 45 minutes today to have someone tell me "congratulations! you have the common cold. Take robutussin." On the bright side, I was able to update my STD knowhow with the helpful pamphlets in the examining room. Herpes is a serious disease--who knew? Also, 90% of people with herpes don't know it. Which means I am never touching anyone ever again.

Mad Joy said...

Hmm. I didn't know she got a c-section. Did she really? Was it for scientific reasons, or did she want to remain tight? :O