21 October 2005

she got an ass like loaf of bread, you want a slice?

I can't quite decide if this song is horrible or incredible. Either way, I definitely enjoy it. It's definitely a huge turn from "Can I Have it Like That?", "Hollaback Girl", or "Drop it Like it's Hot". It's funky as hell (in the good kind of way, not like B.O.) and reminiscent of some of the earlier work of Kelis. The lyrics are so cheesey that they work. I mean, we should just understand that the man is TERRIBLE with lyrics ("See these ice cubes, see these ice creams") Oh, and it's a short song...which is always a plus in my book when it comes to pop songs, and this definitely makes it easier to listen to than "Can I Have it Like That?" Well, without further ado...here is the R&B single from In My Mind.

On another note...download Hey Hey My My Yo Yo, the new album by JUNIOR SENIOR. It is hoooooooottt and XCLUSIVE because it's only being sold in Japan right now or something like that.

I don't care if you can't see her wings,
Joe John

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Anonymous said...

i know i'm late on this song, but ur link didn't work and i just found a working one and i think the song is AWESOME!! SOO much better than that "Can I Have It Like That" shizz. It's soo cool and prince-ish. and with a line like "she's got an ass like a loaf of bread, u want a slice?"---u know its perfection! 4 *s for Pharrell on this one!