31 October 2005

pineapple princess

Someone please explain to me why Shia LeBeouf of television series The Even Stevens and the Great-American film I-Robot is trying to be a real actor...please?

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Look...I know this article is primarily about LiLo, but note the absurdity that this boy is not just doing shitty golf movies (ie: The Greatest Game Ever Played...title of the movie, not my opinion. I think figure-skating is more intense than golf)...he is doing legit "indie" films.

Ok, let's also note that they refer to a film with Demi Moore, Anthony Hopkins, Elijah Wood, and Sharon Stone about Robert F. Kennedy's assassination as INDIE. I'll be right back...I need to go watch some indie films like...G.I. Jane, Ghost, and...hmm...Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.

While we're at it let's look at who else is in this ALL-STAR cast...ok?

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Yes, that's right! Rapper/actor Nick Cannon! Star of the should-have-been-nominated-for-an-Oscar comedy/action film The Underclassmen! And writer of an excellent pro-life hip-hop song! Everything is so much more exciting and sarcastic when I add an exclamation point!

Get Schooled,
Joe John

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