07 October 2005

oops...she's doing it again

I'm a Barbie Girl...
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...In this Britney world.

BRITNEY SPEARS is supposedly asking Mattel to create a new Barbie version of her. Surprised? No?

Well, what if I told her that she also wants them to make a KEVIN FEDERLINE doll, a doll of her new baby SEAN PRESTON, her mother, father, older brother Bryan, younger sister JAMIE LYNN, and her dogs LACY, BIT BIT, and LUCKY. Surprised yet???

OK...well, it gets worse. She also wants toy replicas of her 5 million dollar mansion, 4 million dollar yacht, and pink hummer.

Honey done lost her mind.

Do you like the way I rock it, boy it's chaotic,
Joe John

1 comment:

Mad Joy said...

Oh! That's actually kind of cute! I think I wouldn't want to be made into plastic if I didn't have all the wonderful things I love with me. I mean, people might try to match me up with KEN and that would be sad because I love David :(