05 October 2005

name your pussies

I mean PUSSYCAT DOLLS...duh. What were you thinking?

To celebrate the fact that the Pussycat Dolls are the SPICE GIRLS of the new millenium plus one, I decided that they need cute new names so we can tell them apart rather than "that red headed bitch".

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From Left to Right: Awkward Pussy, Tanned Pussy, Scary Pussy, Ambiguously Ethnic Lead-singer Pussy, Fiery Pussy, and Cheetahlicious Pussy

Look at these other photos and come up with your own names in the comments!
Without names, no one will remember these pussies!!!!

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Grab the little clothing you wear and your stilettoes or platform shoes and hop on in....THE PUSSYMOBILE!

Yes, I know that was way too easy.

Next week: Jokes about living in the Butterfields and anal sex.

Lookin' like you wanna break my back,
Joe John

1 comment:

mellicious pussy said...

she's a real pussy wagon, greased lightnin'

speaking of pussy wagons, i hope LiLo is okay!