21 October 2005

looks may deceive

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How cute!...or is it???

Lamb & Lynx of the band Prussian Blue may look like your average 13 year old Olsen-Twin/Smoosh wannabes, but they have a deep dark secret--- They are actually teen prostitutes in Amsterdam. Ok, so not really...but it might even be worse than that.

They don't care about Black people...or Asian people...or Hispanics...or, well, you get the picture. In fact, they hate you if you're not white. White-supremacist tween music. Holy. Shit.

Mary Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party,
Joe John


Justin said...

Woah. This is my new favorite band! Out of the way, Smoosh, come back when you're racister.

mell said...

corn of one sheath,
grape of one vine,
if you're whiter than teeth,
please say you'll be mine!

Brandon said...

Whatever they are still hot
racist or not

Anonymous said...

Thats brilliant! you go girls!

Black guys would give what to be with you- because they know there inferior in mind and well looks, I dont blame black men for the latter really.

White europeans will rule the world again- no mercy this time!

Anonymous said...

if they were whores id fuck the shit out of there pussys