23 September 2005

tears for fears

It seems that the world's most famous x-preggo is suffering from some serious postpartum issues. A friend of the Spears family told MSNBC.com, "Brit's mood has been up and down since she came home." The source explains that the pop diva's worried about staying chunky fo-evah and being stuck with a nasty c-section scar. However, I think those things have nothing to do with it. Britney's no self-centered bi-otch, people! She's obviously worried that the baby's going to grow up to look/act like KFed. Valid fears, Brit, especially since he almost forgot your anniversary! Like, the first one.

In other Sean Preston news, here's his new room:

This kid's gonna be soo gay.

And now two things to be excited for
(if you're cool like me)

  1. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire posters!
  2. New Taking Back Sunday album in the works!

I'll bake you a cake and make your crib look pretty,


Joe John said...

Only you would find a Taking Back Sunday album exciting. Maybe our readership will think you mean that in an ironic sense...

::slaps self for musical elitism::

Justin said...

Of course I do....?