26 September 2005

speaking of jenny craig

Hmm. Perhaps Lindsay needs someone to tell her that her weight-gain diet worked. LiLo, you're good. Please stop.

Why can't the back-up off me,


Joe John said...

I'm convinced that this is just a terrible picture. I mean, even beautiful ME looks fat in some photos!

Nunez said...

This is just what L-Lo was talking about...she puts on some weight and now people are saying she's fat. Shame on you Justin. Shame. Fourteen year old girls everywhere throwing up because of you. Shame.

matt p. said...

yeah, don't diss Lindsay! its just a bad pic/unflattering outfit. leave her alone! at least she's not twiggy ne-more!

p.s. - i'm coming to see this weekend and i'm soo pumpt! can't wait.

cya soon