26 September 2005

the one where he loses 25 pounds

MATT LEBLANC is in talks with JENNY CRAIG to lose 25 pounds for $1 million now that former "fat actress" KIRSTIE ALLEY is going to reach her weight goal soon.

Before he was damn fat.
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I miss the old Jenny Craig commercials...Sing it with me!


I think I lost five pounds just saying it.

Shut up the camera adds ten pounds!,
Joe John

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Janie Stolar said...

this, as a concept, makes no sense.
clearly, jenny craig's shitty food is not the cause of their weight loss. it's the incentive of millions and millions of dollars. if you paid me thirty dollars to lose five pounds, i'd do it. but people pay for jenny craig. lots of money. that goes to matt leblanc...GOAISHGIAO. also, kirstie ally/kirsty allie whatever is THE DEVIL. I HATE HER SO MUCH WITH A BURNING PASSION.