12 September 2005

Monumental TUNES post

Franz n ur pantz!!!! Check out five new tracks and a single from the new Franz Ferdinand album, You Could Have it So Much Better.
Franz Ferdinand- Walk Away
Franz Ferdinand- I'm Your Villain
Franz Ferdinand- The Fallen
Franz Ferdinand- Do You Want To
Franz Ferdinand- Eleanor Put Your Boots On
Franz Ferdinand- Fade Together

I posted this before but this song should be in your life.
The Cardigans- I Need Some Fine Wine and You, You Need to be Nicer

For those of you who don't read shitparade...well, first off you lose because it's an awesome blog which has some great Kimmy Stolz coverage today...but secondly, you probs missed Maximus Goldbatticus posting this cover of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Maps" by The Arcade Fire.
The Arcade Fire- Maps

M.C. Hammer- U Can't Touch This
Keep your ears out for the Mirror Boyz (aka cmcdonald and myself) response to Mr. Hammer with "I Didn't Even Try to Touch That". If you've yet to hear about the Mirror Boyz, it is because they are but a concept and a few choruses at the moment.

I'm really diggin' The Free Design. You may remember them from the awesome cover of "I Found Love". You may not remember them at all...but you should definitely give them a listen.
The Free Design- Don't Turn Away (Sharpshooter's Mix)

I'm really weirded out by this remix. Just wait til the part where you expect Ciara's verse.
Missy Elliott- Lose Control (DJ Twixta remix)

For all those Nellie McKay fans out there!...aka just Naomi (who won't even read this) and I.
Nellie McKay- If I Needed Someone (Beatles Cover)

I don't think I posted this Kanye track before. It's pretty sad.
Kanye West- Roses

If you aren't one of those lucky people who have been privileged enough to hear Paris Hilton's new single...get on it! It is pure, cheesey pop...and she definitely doesn't forget that 90% of her fans are homosexual.
Paris Hilton- Screwed (link to zip of single)

Le Sport makes me want to dance...and then be ashamed by how European it is. Whatevs, trashy euro-pop is the future of pop music.
Le Sport- Tell No One About Tonight
Le Sport- I Comes Before You
more tunes at website.

Some full albums for the kids...
Architecture in Helsinki- In Case We Die
Architecture for Helsinki- Live on WOXY
Death Cab for Cutie- The Photo Album
Death Cab for Cutie- Something About Airplanes
Death Cab for Cutie- You Can Play These Songs with Chords
The Decemberists- Castaways and Cutouts
The Go Team!- Thunder Lightning Strike
Prince- Purple Rain
Q and Not U- Power
and most importantly...in honor of a WesAlum,
The Island soundtrack
If any of you actually download that, you are taking irony WAY too far.

I thought my Jesus piece is so harmless until I saw a picture of a shorty armless,
Joe John

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