22 September 2005

a man in a dress doesn't look that bad

Ok, so you're probs going to be annoyed by the amount of KIM STOLZ related posts in the near future. Deal with it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Kim has been getting a lot of shit from people on the internet and on the show for being "too masculine". Recently, I have found a site which includes NO negative remarks about her and MUCH praise.

"Yay I want Kim to win! And that the goodness janice is gone, I wonder what twiggy is going to be like?"

"Kim has the most model potential. Bre and Nik are both really cute."

"Most of them are really pretty, but there's one or two I don't think are even cute. I think Nik, Jayla, Kim, and Lisa are the prettiest."

"kim is hot."

"Kim is the prettiest of the bunch, and I'm so glad they're replacing Janice with Twiggy."

At least we now know that we're not the only ones hoping she wins...

I'm like that only I don't kill people,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

the only people who like kim are people who prefer twiggy to janice, which really says something about people who think kim is at all cute.

m said...

hee hee hee.

Katey Rich said...

Tom, stop posting anonymously- we know it's you.

I like that photo of Kim, but the body really is awful. But, I mean, that's such a ridiculous judge as to whether or not you're a real model. Holler back Wesleyan.