27 September 2005

lose that extra 300 lbs

Kathy Griffin wants divorce. If you've ever seen Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List, you probably know why: Her husband is soo weird. I mean, who in the right mind tries to trick a doctor into giving them a gastric bypass? Ok, probably a lot of people. But by putting weights in his pockets? He must have the worst doctor ever. Honestly, how could this doctor possibly diagnose anything if he doesn't even notice 15 lbs of lead in someone's pocket.

Besides, Kathy likes her gays way better.

Diamonds aren't a girl's best friend: strong bones are,


Janie Stolar said...

I LOVE KATHY'S HUSBAND. fuck. fuck!!! no!!! is nothing sacred? this, to me, is what brad/jen was to most, i'd assume. i'm torn apart! ok, enough of my excessive comments.

mellllllllllllll (again) said...

HA I didn't know that. The only eps I saw were the xmas party one and the jay leno one and maybe another, and during those he was dieting so he wouldn't have to do gastric bypass...hmmmmmmm. But i loved that ep when kathy is talking about him dieting and then she keeps talking about the pillsbury cinnamon roll cans in the fridge, like, i used to eat all of the 5-pack in one sitting on saturday mornings until my mommy decided I was becoming too "old" (read: chubby) to do that anymore.