14 September 2005

Late Night Bloggin'

There are moments in every blogger's life where they can't sleep. The necessity to provide the world with their much needed internet entertainment just grows to such a level that thier eyelids are hesitant to close. So bear with me as I bring you a late night treat that won't get your belly rumbling as much as S-fields...If you finish your meal, there may be exclusive tracks by Death Cab and The Decemberists in it for you!

Elijah Wood freaks me out.

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Note that I am skilled in recognizing talent when I hear it. Harry and the Potters are so damn cool now that they're featured on mtv.com. I remind you that yours truly brought them to campus LAST FALL.

Before he was Ma$e, he was Mase Murda. The former Bad Boy gone pastor gone Bad Boy again who once made us "feel so good", is not only signing with G-Unit, but is rapping on a song called "300 shots"...it's about shooting people. Jesus totally wasn't down with that.

The amazing Tina Fey popped out her baby girl. Speaking of popping out babies, keep your eyes out for this fall's Terpsichore concert...B-A-B-Y M-A-M-A! Speaking of babies...WTF Baby Spice?

I've been waiting for the Paris Hilton album SINCE FEBRUARY. While there is still no release date, and the likely one will probably be this coming February, we are sure that it will be a hit...thanks to Snoop Dogg. Paris is afraid that the album will flop, so she's doing everything she can to make it pure pop gold. Paris is teaching us an important lesson in life...Yes, what other people think of you actually does matter...so get used to it fuckers. In other news, Nicole Richie misses her boobs.

My agenda tonight included an attempt to friend the dude who played Spanky in The Little Rascals movie on MySpace.

Look, I love Gwen Stefani...I honestly don't care if people think she's "exotifying" her Harajuku Girls...I bought the album at midnight through the iTunes music store, and I made everyone I know listen to "Hollaback Girl" before people cringed when you said the phrase "this shit is bananas". With that said, I want to know what man would pay $60 fucking dollars for a t-shirt by her that looks like it was designed for threadless.

What do you do when you've successfully been acquitted for kiddie-touching? No...after moving to Europe! OBVIOUSLY, you record a Hurricane Relief song! And OBVIOUSLY you call on the help of Lauryn Hill, Snoop Dogg, James Brown, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, (and then I hear) Babyface, Ciara, Lenny Kravitz, Wyclef Jean, Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, and fellow tween-toucher R. Kelly. Hopefully you remember "What's Going On?", the Marvin Gaye cover for 9/11 that featured everyone from Bono to Nelly. Hopefully you've forgotten the fact that it included hot rhymes from Fred Durst like... "Somebody tell me what's going on, We got human beings using humans for a bomb, But everyone wanna live, Don't nobody really want to die, You feeling me right?, I can't be watching people die, And watching people cry." I sincerely hope when he spit this poetry that it wasn't all for the nookie. In conclusion, will people even buy a Michael Jackson organized single? Yes. Don't believe me? Check out the sales for TP3: Reloaded...pedophilia just doesn't seem to get in the way of people's love for music. Gross.


The Decemberists totally do Mr. Blue Sky like it's nobody's business.

You know those annoying bonus songs they put on albums on iTunes so that you'll buy them. Never download an album you already own just for them. I learned the hard way.
Death Cab for Cutie- Start Again (iTunes exclusive)
Death Cab for Cutie- Bad Reputation (iTunes exclusive)

Ashlee Simpson's unreleased Courtney Love-esque song.
Ashlee Simpson- Sorry
(to download, click "Free" on first page. Then scroll down and wait about a minute...a link should appear shortly. I know...Rapidshare is a bitch.)
I am not sorry for introducing your ears to that song.

I'ma keep playing these cats out like Atari,
Joe John

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