30 September 2005

just when I thought I could say all I could say...

So you may be familiar with PostSecret or notproud.com. You may have even posted on either of the two...

But if you're not an avid livejournaler, you may have not heard of the Wesleyan Anonymous Confessions Board...The confessions range from the hilarious to tragic. They even set up a supplemental blog! (No, I did NOT start this blog) The username and password is "wesconfess".

Get confessing! I have yet to do so, but maybe I'll admit that I'm starting to like HILARY DUFF more than LINDSAY LOHAN.

Speaking of Hilary...
Her label rep on her new video:
"She's always been a huge James Bond fan. She watched those movies with her sister growing up, and she loved the Bond girls, because they were always so stylish, and she's stylish. So the concept is that this video has that hip sensibility of those Bond movies, and she's looking more mature."


ALSO, speaking of Lindsay and confessions..."Confessions of a Broken Heart" is on First Listen at AOL.

Daddy don't trip,
Joe John


Anonymous said...

Wait, so what exactly is the wesconfess address/site? It doesn't come up as existing on livejournal.

Mad Joy said...

Wesconfess is so amazing [3! And Hilary Duff over LL? Oh noes :(